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Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly with a Folding Clothes Rack

man hanging clothes on a folding rack

Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly with a Folding Clothes Rack

Habits and choices in our households may have a big impact on how smart we use electricity. Choosing to use energy efficiently is a key point in promoting environmental-friendly lifestyle. We are in danger of using up the planet’s natural sources and polluting the air we breathe. Energy efficiency is a way of managing and limiting electricity consumption so that we can make the planet a better place to live in, providing energy for future generations too. Nowadays more then ever, people are growing more conscious about the personal impact their actions may have on the environment. So think about how can you cut back on your electricity bill and be more eco-friendly?

Switching back to traditional clotheslines might be an excellent solution. Modern technology includes better materials for clothesline frames and cords, making them strong, durable and easier to install. Here’s a little more info on why you should choose folding clothes rack and what values it can bring to your life.

Ditch the Dryer for a Clothesline and Reduce Your Electricity Bill

Since their invention, electric clothes dryers have been used widely in many households for drying out the washed clothes. As it may seem like a fast solution (especially during the winter) we need to reconsider our power habits and rethink about the usage of certain appliances.

Running a dryer takes a huge commitment of energy. The more energy it uses, the more carbon emissions are pumped into the atmosphere.

In many households, the drier is the third-most energy-hungry appliance. Yearly, it adds a good amount of money to your electricity bill.

Besides, you need to plan in advance your drying cycle, because you need to fold your clothes as soon as the dryer is finished, otherwise, it will come out wrinkled. Which brings us to ironing, not very favourite activity to many people.

In addition to this, your clothes definitely come out shrank. You need to take care of your favourite pieces as they can wear away before their time.

If you haven’t already, make this the summer you fire your clothes dryer and start thinking differently about clothes-drying!

Outdoor Air-Drying Clotheslines

folding rack

As something that our great-grandparents knew the air will eventually dry our clothes. Given a little more time perhaps, but for free. Plus, sunshine helps disinfects clothes and can effectively brighten the stain, which gives you a good reason to let your clothes smell “sunny”.

The age-old practice of air-drying the laundry brings economical and environmental benefits.

Clotheslines come in different styles, sizes, colours and designs. You need to choose one considering your space availability. As backyards are becoming smaller nowadays, people are carefully planning their purpose, and the same rule is applied to clotheslines. You can’t pick one and install it before previous space consideration.

Choices In Clotheslines

There is a great variety of racks and lines for outdoor air-drying of clothes.

Lift out rotary clothesline – if you don’t want a clothesline to dominate your yard, this is a great choice because it folds down and lifts out of the ground for storage when you don’t need to use it. Specifically designed for tough climate, with its tight and durable polycord lines, it allows you to consider this model with confidence.

Fold down clothesline – these clotheslines fold down when they are not in use and can be installed on a brick wall or a fence. Some models come with extra options, such as the low line attachment for extra space, ground mount kit for free standing and can be customised to your particular width requirement.

Retractable/ extendable clotheslines have a small cabinet that is attached to the wall or post. Lines run out from this cabinet to a bar that is on another wall and are retracted back when not in use.

Rectangular clothesline – these are standard clothesline, only the overhead frame is rectangular, allowing it to slip into the corners, downside the house. They can be raised and lowered, but they can’t rotate.

Indoor Air-Drying Clotheslines

air dryer indoor

If you don’t have an outdoor space, you can still choose to dry your clothes by hanging it indoor. There are many options among air-drying racks for indoors. These creative items will uplift your home drying capabilities by its specific shape and design. They fold flat between uses, and can be installed even over the bathtub, in a shower, or drop out from the ceiling.

Indoor drying clothes can also have an added bonus as a low-tech humidifier.

Making your home eco-friendly by using the clotheslines requires planning and investing. However, they can be installed in one hour and are ready to use immediately. It can be your first step towards building a modern eco-friendly home. Folding clothes rack will save you a lot of money in the long term and will make you feel like an active contributor to a healthier environment.

Stephanie Tierney