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Modern Home Decor: Add Warmth with a Few Easy Tweaks

Ultramodern Loft Living Room Interior

Modern Home Decor: Add Warmth with a Few Easy Tweaks

No matter if you want to freshen up your existing space with some details or you’re furnishing your first home and think about decor, there are a lot of things to consider. It’s essential to decide on the style that you’re going for. This will give you the guidelines when choosing the pieces for the interior design.

Why Choose Modern Décor for Your Home?

decor-fiam-mirror modern home decor

‘Modern’ does mean ‘contemporary’ in many situations, but modern home decor isn’t the same as contemporary decor. Modern interior style is influenced by the modernism movement and focuses on pieces that are functional, favours neutral colours, and, of course, adapts to certain trends. Contemporary style, on the other hand, frequently changes as the trends change. However, both styles have their similarities and steer clear of kitschy-looking objects and clutter.

Choosing this style will mean that every piece in your home will have its use, it’ll look clean, and it’ll be easy to clean indeed, because there aren’t any unnecessary things to collect dust.

Add Some Handmade Pieces for an Authentic Vibe

Is there a better way to make your home unique than buying handmade products? Since every artist has their own style, you can easily find the pieces that’ll work for you. The market today is so versatile that it satisfies every need for handmade modern home decors to suit different interiors perfectly.

Aesthetic Vases

handmade vases

This multidimensional decorative piece will complement your interior décor like no other. Vases come in a wide range of shapes and colours and there’s something about handmade ones that we just can’t resist.

  • Clay vases in natural tones – We’ve all seen the beauty of clay vases. Although clay allows to be painted on, vases in natural tones are having their hour of glory. Choose a simple round or a curved one and put in your favourite flowers for a touch of life; pick a lightly speckled clay vase and use it as an ornament by itself.
  • Burlap vases – Ceramic vases that imitate the texture of a burlap material offer a natural, romantic look. Arrange cylindrical burlap vases from the smallest to the highest one and make the tabletop pop out.
  • Glass vases – Is there anything more sophisticated than a glass vase? Go for clear glass to accentuate your flowers and make them appear like they’re floating in the air. It’s always a good idea to mix and match so you could combine more glass vases with different clarity like frost or smoke glass.

Decorative Pots and Planters

docoretive pots

Pots represent an important part of modern home decors. Every plant has its own story to tell and pairing it with the right pot gives it the opportunity to complete that story. As much as pots are functional, they’re decorative as well. The same goes for planters too. And if they’re handmade, each one will come with its own, original characteristic.

  • Concrete pots – These provide the minimalist look and simplicity that you’ve been going for. They’re long-lasting and, except for flowers, they can be used for storing different things. You could display them in the kitchen to put utensils in.
  • Hanging planters – Planters as handmade wall decoration are a great idea to accessorise empty walls and corners and you wouldn’t need anything else. You can hang just one or more in different sizes and lengths.

Ornamental Trays and Dishes

Small things like this are a perfect way to freshen up your home without spending a fortune. Put a nice, simple tray to exhibit your favourite tea set collection. Small trays and dishes can be used just for their decorative purpose – to keep some of your jewelry, or they can have a practical use as well – to use them for small necessities like keys or masks.

Go for White Walls for a Serene Feel

White walls have always been favoured because of their advantages. White symbolises purity, simplicity, and freshness, and perfectly accompanies modern home decor. White walls reflect natural light – they don’t suffocate the room and always make it appear bigger and brighter.

Ultramodern Loft Living Room Interior

They also allow easier change of décor. When you want to redecorate, having neutral walls makes the transition go smoothly. Let’s say you have coloured wallpaper with a pattern and you want some new pieces of furniture in the room. You couldn’t make bigger changes in the style or colour because they need to match the wall. So you need to change the wall colour as well. On the other side, if you have white walls, you can pick the pieces you want without having to repaint the whole room.

White can have different shades. Because some people may find white to be a cold colour, you could choose warmer undertones. In this way, you’ll still get the benefits from white walls but it won’t feel unwelcoming.

Focus on Minimalism and Natural Materials

Minimalist lifestyle aligns with the principles of modern interior design: clean, neutral, and simple. There’s no clutter lying around but every piece has its function. You don’t need random objects that you don’t enjoy or don’t know how they end up there.

modern minimalist home decor

You want to create a neutral base so you can build up the design from there. Many wholesale home decor stores have great pieces in neutral hues that you can choose from. Go and look for inspiration. Furniture in earthy tones creates a picture of a cleaner space. But this doesn’t mean that the design needs to be boring. This minimalistic home decor is about making your life easier and not sucking all the fun out of it. You could always play with textures, shapes, and colours that are easy on the eyes and blend in nicely.

Since minimalism is about quality and not quantity, natural materials play a big role. Not only are they eco-friendly, they are long-lasting as well. Choose natural fibers and wooden surfaces. You could use woven baskets for storing things and for their simple yet beautiful look. Place plants in elegant and unique planters and they’ll instantly brighten up the area.

Invest in durable pieces that’ll withstand the test of time and are multifunctional. This way, you know that you’ve bought classic items that’ll always be in style and are worth your money.

Stephanie Tierney