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MTB Biking: How to Choose the Right Helmet?

Man riding MTB

MTB Biking: How to Choose the Right Helmet?

Mountain biking is the perfect way to make those trips in nature a lot more exciting, as it offers both a sense of freedom and an adrenaline rush, which thrill-seekers find to be addictive. Still, this is not regular bike riding, and in addition to the skill that it takes to make the most of it when making your way through those rough mountain terrains with the least risk of injuries, having the adequate equipment for it is part of the deal too.

Every bit of gear has its importance in this sport, from the MTB pants, shirts, and shoes that help you stay comfortable while investing all that physical effort as you go about your way up and down the trails, to the essential protective pieces, out of which the helmet holds a crucial role in keeping you safe. You need it not just because of the laws, but also because of the reduction in the risk of sustaining serious head injuries.

What Helmet Do I Need for MTB?

Man riding MTB

With such a vast array of options of MTB helmets Australia MTB retailers have in store, it’s expected to be a little confused about the suitable choice. What would help make your decision easier is knowing that as with other types of biking essentials, there are different types available due to the range of riding styles, material requirements, and preferred features every biker has.

Consider Your Practice

It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to the sport, or already know your way around those mountain trails, you probably have your own chosen practice. Some prefer to go lightly on the trails, others wouldn’t mind using a bit more speed to get that thrill they’re after, and some wouldn’t mind getting a little of both worlds.

With this thought in mind, you have the classic design, the all-mountain, the dirt-jump, followed by the full-face, and the hybrid MTB helmets Australia specialist retailers provide. Out of these:

  1. Classic is an option suitable for beginners as well as cross-country enthusiasts for its entire-skull protection without affecting its overall design or level of comfort. What’s typical about it is its light weight and the ventilation it offers.
  2. All-Mountain is a choice of MTB helmet that is not too different from the classic alternative as it has the same base and ventilation. The part where they diverge, however, is the addition of protection at the neck area, making the all-mountain slightly heavier and longer at the back. Thanks to this, it’s the perfect design for bikers who hit the mountain roads.
  3. Dirt-Jump is easily recognisable as it differs from the two aforementioned counterparts in the significant lack of ventilation. This doesn’t come as a drawback since it offers much more protection than BMX-freestyle enthusiasts are after. If you plan on doing some street and skate park riding and focusing on tricks, then this is the helmet you should get.
  4. A full-face helmet is a type of complete helmet that comes in a shape made to provide even more protection, as it’s designed to cover not only the cranial cavity but the face too. Although it’s heavier than the previous models, due to the design and more material used, some high-end models, like the Fox MTB helmets, are pricier but worth the investment if you can afford it because of the use of exceptional and more lightweight materials like cotton.
  5. Hybrid, as you might guess, is a type that’s meant for climbing as much as downhill adventures. Designed with adjustability and flexibility in mind, you can change it from all-mountain to integral at the push of a button.

Look Into Features

MTB helmets

Besides knowing the basic types of helmets you can choose from, it’s advisable to get to know a little more about the different features so you can truly make a good purchase. For example, to be sure your safety is well taken care of, look for mountain bike helmet designs that are made according to Australian standards, specifically the AS/NZS 2063:2008.

Next up, check if they’re made with the MIPS technology. It’s short for Multi-directional Impact Protection System, which deflects part of the force of the rotational impacts, devised to offer the utmost skull protection. Speaking of systems and technologies, another neat one is the BOA which allows for quick and easy adjustments with the dial, to offer you the ideal fit.

While we’re at adjustability, you might also like to have a model that has an adjustable visor, as it could come in handy with your rides and comfort. If you care about comfort, ventilation is another essential that has a say in it. The more vent patterns, the better, especially if you’re after high-activity mountain rides, and you could do with all the breathability and cooling you can get. Those who like to equip the helmet with some cool and useful accessories, such as headlights or a GoPro camera, should check whether the chosen design is compatible with this adjustment.

Ian Tompson