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Buying an outdoor barbeque can completely transform your outdoor experience throughout the warm months, so picking the right one that fits your space, lifestyle and pocket is crucial.
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Outdoor Barbeques: Picking the Right One Made Easy


Outdoor Barbeques: Picking the Right One Made Easy

Buying an outdoor barbeque can completely transform your outdoor experience throughout the warm months, so picking the right one that fits your space, lifestyle and pocket is crucial. Choosing one used to be a pretty straightforward endeavour. But nowadays, even something as simple as a barbeque grill comes in a wide range of shapes and forms. So, an inexperienced buyer may spend a lot of money on something he can’t take advantage of in fear of missing out, or he can get something that doesn’t suit his preferences.


Obviously, the first thing you need to consider before you set out to buy an outdoor barbeque is your budget. Charcoal grills are more affordable than electric and gas grills, so if you want an economical option, they’re the best choice for you. On the other hand, if you don’t mind spending more, a cutting edge gas grill is the way to go.

Prices for the more inexpensive grills start from around $50-$100, mid-range grills cost around $150-$400, while higher-end models will start at about $500-$700. And at the peak of barbeque grills, you can get a complete outdoor setup that you can expect to pay upward of $1500 for. As you can tell, grills can be quite expensive, so understanding your requirements can save you from wasting money on something you don’t really need.

That being said, ask yourself: How many people will I be usually cooking for? The size of your family or friend group will directly affect the ideal size of the grill. For larger groups, you’d probably want to have all of their food ready at about the same time, meaning you’ll need a grill with a larger cooking surface. Five and six-burner gas grills are well-suited for catering to larger families.


There are also large charcoal alternatives, and if you’re not limited on space, you can consider a setup that has a charcoal smoker/grill combo. Smoking your food will add a completely new dimension to its taste. If you need to cook for a smaller group, however, then you’ll obviously need a smaller grill. An ideal grill, in that case, would be a two-burner gas grill.

What’s the occasion? Answering this question will probably narrow down your options even further. Some people prefer spending all day outdoors, enjoying a great meal. And if that’s the case, then you can spare spending more time around a charcoal grill, and it can be a part of the fun as well. You’ll get a smoky flavour in the food and that’s definitely worth the extra effort. On the other hand, if you’d just like a quick brunch or dinner, then a gas or electric grill can be the better alternative. The easy setup will give you a quick meal and plenty of time to do other things.


And of course, the type of food you intend to barbeque is a very important factor when choosing the right type of grill. Hotdogs and burgers are easier to cook, whereas lobsters, seafood and salmon are more demanding. Cooking a rack of ribs and roasts requires some additional gear!

Some grills feature two compartments – one charcoal and the other gas, with extra burners on the side to prepare other dishes. Do you want to cook veggies like corn, pumpkin, zucchini, onions, etc.? All of these foods will help you determine what the best outdoor barbeque for you is, as some of them require the barbeque to have a hood for roasting, while others may require a plate/grate combination or flat plate.


And lastly, you have to consider where it will be used. If you need a small, picnic, beach party or tailgating grill, you’ll be best off with a medium-sized charcoal model. Electric grills are obviously out of the question. If you want a grill for your roof garden or backyard patio, then you can go with whatever type of grill you prefer. You can get an elaborate setup if you have the space, or something more compact to get a quick bite every now and then. If you live in an apartment, however, using a gas and charcoal grill may be prohibited. Here, an electric grill would be the best if not the only option.

We all know that having a barbeque with family or friends is one of the most enjoyable and entertaining social occasions we can partake in. So, it goes without saying that buying the right grill can be as important as buying any other home appliance. Choosing the right model can go a long way in making the experience even more enjoyable and relaxing, and it can be a great opportunity to keep family and friends close together for years to come.

Ian Tompson