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Reasons to Get Your Dog Its Own Bed

Reasons to Get Your Dog Its Own Bed

Reasons to Get Your Dog Its Own Bed

Having a dog can encourage you to live a healthier lifestyle. Your dog has a routine, and you have to respect it despite rainy or cold weather. Taking your dog out for a walk each day is a must – there are no excuses. While the wagging tail, whenever you walk through the door, will make you feel good – you have to draw the line somewhere. No matter how much your four-legged friend loves cuddling, sharing your bed might be a bad idea.


Humans should have their own beds, and the same rule applies to dogs as well. Used for napping during the day and sleeping at night, a dog bed will keep your dog warm, support its joints and prevent calluses. Here are some other reasons to give your furry pal a place of its own.

Sweet Dreams for Both of You

It’s not unusual to get an unexpected kick from your pet’s leg. Dogs also toss, turn and “talk” in their dreams as we human do. You furry friend might wake up in the middle of the night to scratch and stretch or “dig” into the bedding until he feels more pleasant. Dogs will sometimes get up and patrol the house in order to drink water or inspect the surroundings. Having an instinct to night watch, they will alert you as they try to keep you and the house safe.


This by any means, can disturb your sleep and you may find yourself blaming your dog the next morning for not having proper rest. Don’t neglect your dog’s natural instincts, on the contrary, provide your pet with a snuggler dog bed and let him be on the top of his job. This way, not only will you be able to enjoy undisturbed sleep, but there’s also no risk that you accidentally hurt your pet while you sleep.

Reduced Exposure to Allergens

You may not be allergic to your dog, but the fact is that all dogs carry allergens. Every time you bring your dog out for a pee break or walk, he’s exposed to numerous allergens such as grass, pollen and dust. They stick to your pet’s fur and paws, and unintentionally they can end up in your bed causing you allergies and irritations.

As an addition to this, dogs shed (lose dead or damaged fur to make room for new growth) and you’ll definitely have to deal with dog fur on your linen or in your mouth if you let your pet sleep with you. However used you might be to your furry pal, washing and changing linen every day isn’t the best solution. Keep this in mind when making your decision to let the dog in your bed or not.

Reduced Risk of Infections


Even though you regularly take your pet to vet checkups, possible parasites like hookworm or roundworm might be present in his mouth and intestines, and transfer to your bed even if they don’t show clinical signs of infection that could cause a warning.

Serious staph infections could be passed from animals to humans, too. Infections caused by MRSA bacteria that dogs can carry in their mouths and saliva is very difficult to treat as it’s resistant to many antibiotics. Meningitis in dogs, when caused by a virus, is contagious and may be transmitted to humans as well. However, there’s also the fact that you can make your dog sick. So, by sleeping in separate beds, you can reduce the risk of infection for both of you.

Keep Your Bed Clean

Your dog might be well-trained but think about potential accidents. It does happen. Some dogs drool and if your bed doesn’t have a rubber covering for the mattress, you may end up getting some leakage. If you allow your dog unlimited access to your bed, he might go there to snooze even when you’re not resting, so be ready to find wet paw prints all over your beddings.

Steam cleaning the mattresses is an expensive and not very fun thing to do on a Saturday morning. On the other hand, you can find snuggler dog beds with covers that are completely washable and dryer safe, providing you with a low-maintenance solution.

Source: Snooza Facebook Page

No Territorial Behavior

Dogs are known for being very territorial, and once they marked your bed as theirs, anyone who is unwanted won’t be welcomed. This can become a problem when you want to bring another person into your bed, like a partner or a baby. The dog can become aggressive towards the other person, and this can lead to serious problems. So, by having your dog sleep in a separate dog bed, you can avoid having to deal with this kind of issue.

No Commitment

Once your dog gets used to the warmth and security of sleeping with you, it will be difficult for him to go back to anything else. To recreate all the previous sleep habits and patterns to your dog, be ready for many sleepless nights as your furry pal will probably whine and cry all night.

On the other hand, even if your dog sleeps with you now you might be able to break this pattern by getting a comfortable and warm dog snuggle bed. This type of bed is made of furniture-grade materials and has ample cushioning – just like your own bed. Plus, it’s designed to have a hole in the middle for the dog to sink in. This way, your pet can feel more secure even when sleeping on his own.

Remember, your pet is part of your family, but your bed should be yours. So, you better arrange a good place for a snuggled bed, as it’s designed to grant a comfortable, relaxing and anxiety-free feeling to your furry pal.

Stephanie Tierney