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Replica Chairs – A Choice for the Beauty and Budget Conscious


Replica Chairs – A Choice for the Beauty and Budget Conscious

I have many sweethearts I care about. My husband, the two kids, and six Replica Thonet Sweetheart Bentwood Chairs. I know that many old souls and lovers of bygone eras will understand my devotion to these pieces of artistry. For those of you who might feel like between the devil and the deep blue sea, here’s a little bit of history.

The Bentwood Chair by Michael Thonet, seduced the world due to its revolutionary design. This unique design was achieved by steaming the wood and then shaping it into curves. This process gave birth to the perfect elegance we still crave to enjoy, but this rare flower first blossomed during the 1830s. The aesthetic appeal of these chairs is not the only thing that rendered them so sought after, it’s also their two other very important features: they are lightweight, yet durable.

Elegance and functional appeal – check! But now you might be wondering about the price and availability. Well, there’s a reason why I have the permission to be surrounded by these sweethearts of mine – they didn’t cost me and husband’s college savings for our kids (chuckles). We all know how hard it is to find a genuine antique, a mum of two certainly has no time for trolling on auctions and antique sales… Not while beautiful and affordable Bentwood replica chairs are just a click away.

I am so proud to have this worldwide loved design in my very own dining room. Whether you’re buying replica furniture from an online or offline store, make sure you ask about the manufacturing process or read the specs. For instance, my Bentwood replica chairs were made in the same steam-press process, just like the original ones. This requires from you to know exactly what replica piece you want and to read something more about the original prior to buying it. Or if you are in the physical store, perhaps the salesperson can show you a brochure that explains the making of the items they offer.

Finally, my greatest joy was the realization that many interior designers are predicting that today’s replicas are to become the antiques of tomorrow and given the fact that replicas are made to last lifetimes as well, I think I got myself darling pieces of time machine. My family and friends admit that these chairs have altered the atmosphere of the whole area in an almost magical way and all I can say these days is a little “hurray”!

Stephanie Tierney