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Scandinavian Interior Style and the Aspects that Define It

Scandinavian Interior Style and the Aspects that Define It

Have you noticed a trend in interior design lately? Clean lines, soothing colours and broad, uncluttered spaces all adorn the pages of the latest editions of popular interior design magazines. And if you were to actually read the editorials, you are sure to come across a lot of Scandinavian this and Scandinavian that. The reason why this style is so popular not only in magazines, but in homes throughout Australia, is that it’s very liveable – made up from low key furnishings that are comfortable as much as purposeful. If the only reference you have about Scandinavian design is Ikea, this guide is here to give you the proper picture of what it’s all about.

Scandinavian Storage Furniture

Less is More

Scandinavian style is all about living in moderation. What this means is preserving only the things that are essential and buying pieces that will only complement or improve what you already have. Stripping the home free of unnecessary things that only take up space is essential for embracing the lagom  art of Scandinavian living. The way this is done is by implementing wise storage solutions in the form of purposeful cabinets and shelving. Concerning décor, this style keeps things to the minimum, following the less is more mantra. This minimalistic approach has the purpose of keeping the home visually clean and relaxing, a getaway from the stressful everyday life.

High on Function

Scandinavian designers treat furniture as if it’s a complex science, always trying to find solutions that will benefit people. Even if you are not a fan of this style, you won’t be indifferent to the great potential packed in Scandinavian storage furniture. Sideboards, drawer chests and entertainment units are all built to efficiently use space and organize and hide away the clutter. Prioritizing function and durability, these furniture pieces are made out of sturdy timber materials that can withstand the test of time.

The smart design and lack of fuzz involved in Scandinavian storage furniture, sofas, coffee tables and other living room elements are what make this design a favourite among modern homeowners. With the ultimate aim to help you declutter your living space and make you feel comfortable, all of these furniture pieces are high on function and low on flashy details or additional features.

Let the Light in

This look has a recognizable colour palette with white at the front. White is a timeless look for walls. Crisp and fresh, white walls visually enlarge the space and give it an airy, bright feel. Pastel hues also make up a large part of the unique Scandinavian formula and are welcomed on sofas and decorative elements such as area rugs or cushions. Providing contrast to this soft colour palette, the furniture fully embraces its wooden look that adds a homey and cosy feel to the space.

Stephanie Tierney