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Have you noticed damage to the leaves of your elm tree? If you leave in south-eastern Australia, particularly Melbourne or Victoria, chances are the elm leaf beetle is the culprit.

Different types of pests can harm elm leaves, but the elm-leaf beetle poses a serious danger to the trees as it feeds on elm leaves in both its adult and larval stages. Even massive, mature trees can be defoliated completely.

If you’re constantly on the move and carrying a lot of gear and equipment, you’ll want a trailer. Trailers are the reasonable choice for hauling your cargo safely and to any location, without the risk of damage. The variety of trailers has got to do with all the different types of cargo they can carry. If you asked a child to draw a trailer, they’d most probably come up with something that resembles a box trailer. This is what most Aussies have in mind when they think of trailers.

The COVID-19 pandemic put new limitations on the time spent outdoors and the physical activity of Australians. Even so, a shut door usually means a window has opened. This is your window of opportunity to modify, optimise and invest in your own personal green space. 

Taking care of the trees in your backyard is a wonderful hobby, but trees require far more than just simple watering and pruning of their lower branches. Sometimes large trees can get sick and pose a hazard to the surrounding environment, even your home. This is when hiring the help of a professional tree removal company is a smart idea. Doing it yourself may even escalate the problem, so don't even think about it. Here's what you need to know about potentially dangerous trees.

If someone asked you what you couldn't live without, you'd probably answer something like a favourite food or appliance. If someone asked you what you use every day, you'd probably answer your phone or laptop. Well, there's one foundation on which all of this is built that we forget about -electricity. Electricity has become a lifeline for our everyday life. It's made our life easier and better in every aspect, allowing us to reap many benefits. It runs through all our appliances like phones, televisions, ovens, elevators, and even cars. We only realise the necessity of it once there's a blackout. As an alternative to the electric grid, many people have decided to try solar energy and for good reasons. There are many benefits to it which I will go into. Yet, many people associate solar power with those solar panels that occupy a large land area and seem highly complicated. Not that even those don't come with many advantages, but they're not the focus of this article. There's one new, portable alternative - off grid solar system kit. As such, if you're an RV person and want to get the most out of your experience, this article is for you. [caption id="attachment_2244" align="alignleft" width="846"]solar panels of the rooftop Source:[/caption]
Let’s be honest, if you’re like most drivers, unless you’re a mechanic also you don’t really think much about the car’s windows, let alone the mechanism that keeps them functional, or the regulating system if you will. Until a problem arises, that is, and you find yourself in a situation of having to repair or replace not knowing where to start from.

Trees are one of the most beautiful gifts of nature, adding privacy, value, and character to your property. But besides enhancing landscapes, they can also reduce noise pollution, provide essential oxygen and better quality of water. For a business, trees can add a bigger aesthetic...

If you're asking me, no garden is ever complete without trees. They evoke a serene, forest-like atmosphere and give your outdoor space a refreshing shade that adds much to its looks and it's the perfect spot to lounge during hot summer days. However, if you let the trees in your garden grow out of control, they can easily disturb that much sought after ambiance and balance. It has happened to almost every tree owner; they go on a vacation and focus on other things for a while and before they know it, their trees' branches have grown so rapidly and abundantly that they have started weighing the tree down, stunt its growth and present a possible safety risk. Yup, you know it, it's time for trimming! Or pruning? Wait, which one was it?

We don’t know ourselves as much as we think we do unless we travel often. This is something you’ve often heard, and it’s true because when you’re out discovering new places, you discover yourself, you see what you’re made of, and if there’s a place...

Picture this: the area right next to your commercial building catches fire, which slowly starts spreading to your business premises. And while the firefighters try to extinguish the fire before it reaches and destroys your building, it's evident that you won't be able to continue...