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Simple Ideas to Enhance the Beauty of Your Front Entrance


Simple Ideas to Enhance the Beauty of Your Front Entrance

The front entrance to the house should be like the introduction to a good book. It’s should be a carefully created glimpse of what is to be expected on the inside without revealing too much. But unfortunately, more often than not we fail to give our front entrance the love it deserves. What a pity, considering how jazzing it up is one of the easiest and most affordable home projects, and even the smallest of changes can make a huge difference. If you’re tired with the way your front door looks, here are some great ideas to enhance its beauty.

Switch Out Your Mailbox

Although you might only use it once a month, a mailbox is nevertheless an important design element and switching it out can drastically transform your home’s appearance. Colourful designs are sure to grab attention, but if you want to bring a timeless, elegant touch to your front door, classic white mail boxes are the perfect choice. White mail boxes can also suit most settings, whether traditional or modern, and are a great way to make a dark exterior pop. Concerning materials, it’s best to choose something that’s outdoor-friendly and low maintenance like for instance stainless steel or a rich hardwood such as Accoya.


Refresh Your Door

There are plenty of cheap and easy ways to give your front door an uplift that don’t involve getting a new one. Just by changing your old boring doorknob or knocker, your door can look entirely new, and not to mention what a wreath of flowers or a welcome sign can do. You can give your door an even greater presence by creating a decorative frame around it with tiles or achieving a similar effect with paint. These days there are plenty of eye-catching ideas for door décor, but it’s important to go for something that will match your home’s existing style.

Add Complementing Planters

Regardless if you’re a gardener or not, a few gorgeous flower pots are the perfect way to bring more colour and life to your front entrance. Matching planters on either side of the door or spread out across the walkway are a timeless decorating idea that’s sure to impress. Especially if you put in the time to pick out a design that mirrors the look and feel of your exterior. You can also go for pots that aren’t too matchy-matchy, like for instance a mix of black and white, or some taller and shorter planters.

Light the Way

A front entrance should look beautiful and welcoming, no matter the time of day. To preserve its beauty and functionality at night, it’s important to choose a good mix of outdoor lights. Wall mounted fixtures pair well on each side of the door and provide enough illumination. An outdoor chandelier is something that’s definitely unexpected and will leave a lasting impression. Additionally, some lanterns scattered around your porch, or some step lights can also create a unique impact.

Stephanie Tierney