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Small Bathroom Changes That Can Make a Big Difference


Small Bathroom Changes That Can Make a Big Difference

In a hectic world, we rush through everything, including self-care, if we even allow ourselves to practice it beyond getting squeaky clean. Bathing and pampering are intimate processes that shouldn’t be rushed but rather enjoyed.

Most of us don’t have the space or luxury to create a boudoir. For a young woman, the bathroom is usually the place where the magic happens or we get ready for our big night out. Keeping your make-up next to the tumbler holders with hard water spots or applying it while you see the reflection of the ancient toilet paper holders, old faucet you need to change or mouldy tiles can definitely be a mood killer.

Renovations are costly but there are ways you can do a big makeover with only a small investment.

How Do You Update an Old Bathroom on a Budget?

Replace Worn Out Bathroom Accessories


No matter how small your bathroom is, replacing the bathroom essentials can be costly. When on a budget, functionality precedes aesthetics or in other words – If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

On the other hand, sometimes small changes can make a big difference. Think of bathroom accessories. If you haven’t touched anything since you moved in, chances are some bathroom products are really worn down and give off an unhygienic vibe.

Evidently, an old toilet or vanity can still work their magic but there’s no reason why you should put up with a soap dish with layers of hardened soap on. Changing your uneventful and impractical tumbler with a playful and an easily-accessible one can bring some ease and colour to your morning routine. And the god-forsaken toilet brush holder you don’t dare to look at can actually look very pleasing and unrevealing of its purpose.

A sleek paper towel holder or a pick from the chic toilet paper holders on the market could be just the detail you were missing. The first can be used as a jewellery stack that is not only practical but also decorative. The latter is the finishing touch that puts the essential right where it belongs, and it can even do it in style.

Bathroom accessories are not just bits and details that will only superficially improve the appearance of your space. They can help you on your quest on how to get more storage in a small bathroom. Check out some towel rails or towel ladders to always store your bathroom or home spa-day attire within reach.

If you are in luck and have roomy cabinets, you can always add extra space by putting robe hooks on the inside of the cabinet doors. You can hang your brushes and even your hairdryer. They could additionally fit slim magnetic containers. Small magnets or magnet strips can hold up some metal balm or cream containers.

Shelves come to the rescue once again. Easy-to-clean glass bathroom shelves are both practical and stylish, matching any décor. If you’re looking for a more warm or bohemian vibe, a smart hack is to nail some baskets on the wall. Quick, easy and super-cute.

Use the Power of Greenery


From all the places in your home, it’s natural to wonder is it good to keep plants in the bathroom. All of you plant lovers are in luck because the answer is yes. Clearly, it depends on which plants like more humidity and less light if you don’t have windows. If you want to go all the way and try and create a tropical waterfall in your own bathroom, find out what plants thrive in the shower.

Some plants that love more humid environments and indirect light are a fiddle-leaf fig, begonias, croton plants, dracaena, Chinese evergreen and bamboo. Imagine gracious orchids next to your mirror. Yes, those lovely creatures love moist soil and indirect light to thrive, reaching incredible levels of beauty with a minimal level of effort on your part.

ZZ plants and Snake plants are low light and low water lovers meaning extremely low maintenance for you. Air plants don’t even need soil but they do require a lot of bright light.

Try a Fake Tiled Floor with Vinyl


If there ever is a place to put more expensive tile floors, it could be the bathroom as the square footage is small hence so will your flooring investment. Even so, it’s a big and more demanding step and there are better ways to achieve the tile look.

If you’re more interested in what’s the easiest flooring to install in a bathroom, vinyl flooring is a stylish, quick and practical fix. Vinyl flooring not only comes in all styles and patterns you can imagine, but it is also inexpensive, durable and water stain and damage resistant. Sheet vinyl can cover your entire bathroom flooring in one sheet, just like spreading out a rug.

Give It Some Life with a Colorful Wallpaper


In the past, intense colours or patterns in small spaces were a big no-no in the interior design world. However, wallpapers are actually a fantastic design choice for small bathrooms as they can actually open up the room and add depth.

Many modern wallpapers come coated, making them washable and subsequently perfect for a place where much splattering occurs. Just don’t use cleansers and abrasives as these will damage your wallpaper. A natural sponge with some soap water that has been very well wrung is all the cleaning supplies you need.

One of the primary concerns expressed by bathroom redecorators is the moist environment, suggesting that it will peel in a couple of months. So, does wallpaper come off with humidity? Older wallpapers did peel off because they were applied using glue, an animal product. On the contrary, new wallpapers are applied using synthetic adhesives. Today’s wallpaper pastes are synthetic and hydrophobic meaning they’re not fans of water. Adversely, glue is hydrophilic or loves water.

Get a Gorgeous Shower Curtain


Surely a shower curtain, especially a tacky one, can draw unwanted attention. It’s a big drape hanging in a small room, of course, everyone will notice it.

The good thing about a shower curtain is that it’s a cheap but practical way to add any pattern or colour you want, matching or changing the whole look of the bathroom. A bold choice will contrast your white walls, bringing a bit of life in a sterile environment.

Plastic hooks are old news, they break easily and they look cheap as they are. Large metal grommets can both reinforce and redecorate. Durable and machine-washable materials are the smarter choice.

Stephanie Tierney