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Split System Air Conditioners Buying Guide

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Split System Air Conditioners Buying Guide

The quality of the air we’re surrounded by within our home, as well as its temperature, can make a world of a difference for many things in our life. For example, if the air in your home is too dry you’re more likely to develop nasal and throat problems such as dryness and coughs that might result in more serious medical conditions if prolonged. 

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Another example would be if the temperature of the air in our homes is not optimal. If in winter our home is cold, there will be consequences on our immune system, skin, and our general well-being. While if in the summer our home is too hot, the consequences may include things like dehydration and fatigue, which can bring similar issues. 

To avoid all of this and have a comfortable living space, it’s obvious that you need to have a system in place that will help you maintain a perfect air temperature no matter the weather outside. This is where AC units come in. As great as AC units are, it’s important to note that not all air conditioners are made the same. There are different types of ACs out there and it may seem a bit difficult to pick the right one. In this article, I’m going to go over the split system air conditioner and I’ll explain why I think it’s one of the best options out there. As the owner of one, I’ll speak from experience. 

Reverse Air Conditioning 

One of my most favourite features of slit system ACs is the reverse air conditioning. As I already said, the temperature and moisture of the air we surround ourselves with are of utmost importance for our health and these guys know that. No matter whether it’s winter or summer, a split system air conditioner is capable of constructing that perfect atmosphere and reach optimal temperature. Reverse air conditioning systems are capable of both heating and cooling a space. Other, regular air conditioners, only have the option to cool down, but heating up is also extremely important and in these units, it is very effective.

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The split system AC I have in place is set up in the living room and is capable of heating my whole apartment up in no time. I choose the desired temperature via remote control and just enjoy the benefits. It’s perfect for those cold winter nights or for when seasons change, which are times when cases of colds or the flu spike. Another great feature about split system ACs is the fact that they usually have an air moisture monitor in place, which helps remove excess moisture from the environment, making it easier to breathe in and bringing the air quality up.

Highly Economical & Efficient 

Split system air conditioners are also very economical and quite eco-friendly. They are widely available, too. You can buy a split system air condition online with ease, as all the specs and features are always displayed and you can compare between different units, or you can go to a physical store and speak with a clerk. 

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Compared to other heating and cooling systems and appliances, split system air conditioners perform much better. If you’re using wood to heat up and fans to cool down you need to invest in two different systems, maintain two different systems, and monitor two different systems. With a split AC, it all comes down to that one neat appliance that will do both and will make it effortless. What’s more, these units are very sleek-looking and can blend in within any interior design and any room in your house or apartment. 

These units are also programmed in a way to use as little energy as possible and still give maximum performance. As they run on electricity, they also have power-saving modes which help cut down on the cost and also help the environment as no heavy fumes or smoke is produced in the heating or cooling process. 

It’s important to note that these systems are pricier than the ones which can only cool down, for example, and are also pricier than regular fans, but the performance they give is incomparable to the others. They might be an investment, but they’re an investment you’ll be glad you went with, as they will save you a lot of money down the line.

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Quality & Durability

Finally, we come to the last two features of these units – quality and durability. I already spoke of their diversity and how economical they are, but these two just wrap everything together and are what really convinced me that such an air conditioner is the one for me. As I said, you can buy a split system air condition online or in-store, but either way, they usually come with a five-year guarantee, with some places offering even more coverage. This is a sign that manufacturers really believe in their products and are certain they’re going to last. 

From my personal experience I can confirm that, yes, these units do last, although they need yearly checks and a bit of maintenance to make sure everything is in order and will keep working as intended for years to come. 

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A quality-made split system air conditioner will last you anywhere north of a decade and will give you the same, equal performance as it did on day one. It’s important to buy your AC from stores that specialise in home tech and appliances so that they can service your unit regularly and replace parts that may need replacement, like filters. 

All in all, the bottom line is that if you’re someone who’s in need of efficient, economical, eco-friendly, durable, and highly functional heating and cooling home solution, the answer lies in a split system AC. It may seem like it’s a lot of money to give up front, but trust me, you’ll be saving a lot in the long run and it will be worth it.

Ian Tompson