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Hiking is a delightful way to explore nature. Transported by your own feet and carrying only what you need for the adventure, you can discover the beauty of nature at your own pace. And, with a little planning and preparation, it's an activity that almost anyone can do.

Proper hydration is beneficial for your exercise performance in so many ways. It helps increase your stamina, reduces sugar cravings, burns fat and aids weight management. Drinking water when exercising is especially important because you need to replace the fluids you lose when you sweat....

If you have a camping enthusiast in your life, you've probably heard the term "rain fly tarp" before. If you're one yourself, then you know how important this unit can be when it's raining cats and dogs and you're in the middle of nowhere. This extra piece of equipment can make or break your whole camping experience.
While taking your kids along on a skiing trip may seem fun at first, it can also be stressful unless you're properly prepared. After all, up on the slopes the conditions aren't exactly pleasant. So, unless you dress your kids the right way, you will be hearing “I'm cold” and “My feet hurt” all day long. To ensure that your children stay comfortable and protected, it's important to provide them with the right thermal wear. Here's a quick guide to all the essential kids thermal layers needed for your little ones to enjoy the snow safely.

If you or one of your kids are looking to get into skateboarding, buying the first board may be confusing, as there are many different types of boards to pick from. You'll come across terms like skate deck, shortboard, longboard, cruiser, etc. and while they're...

Riding all day can take its tool on your bike and that is why regular maintenance is required to make sure your bike is in top condition whenever you are out riding. There are a few tricks that you can use to check the condition...

If you've just decided to build your own skateboard, good for you! I've always felt that building a skateboard on your own is much better than buying one from a store, as you put time and effort into the board and develop a personal connection with it. Moreover, you can build it according to your own requirements and specifications and ensure you get the best riding experience possible. If this is your first time building a skateboard, then there are a few things you should consider. One of the first choices you'll make is the size of the skate deck. The width, materials, concave and the length of the skate deck are all going to determine how you're going to perform on the skateboard, and what you'll be capable of doing altogether.
If you're into swimming, then you probably know that while swimming goggles aren't essential, they sure do help. Buying swimming goggles seems like a pretty straightforward process, but in reality, it's a bit more complicated than you might think, and there are several things you need to pay close attention to, especially if you're an aspiring swimmer that has just started out, before you open up your wallet. There's a wide range of features and brands, and a high price tag doesn't guarantee quality.
Even though the members of the skateboarding culture consider themselves one big family, there are still those who are divided when it comes to the controversial topic of regular skateboards vs cruiser skateboards. While activities performed by both seem similar at first sight, they do in fact have a couple of distinct differences, which complement various types of preferences and personal styles. For most people that are just looking to get into this culture, the question remains: Do I get a regular or cruiser skateboard?