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Stairs, Rails, Roads, Rebel from Head to Toes: Things Only True Skaters Know

Stairs, Rails, Roads, Rebel from Head to Toes: Things Only True Skaters Know

Everyone who is interested in becoming a part of the world of skaters, finds out, sooner or later, that it is kind of like a secret society of rebels with beyond human abilities, much like the X-men. Yes, it’s true, they are much different than the ordinary me and you, they have that irresistible gonna conquer the world vibe and since you’re reading this, I suppose you want to know how and why.

Dress to Summon Your Rebel

The easiest way to assimilate yourself into the skaters’ community is to embrace their style. This doesn’t mean that you are to turn into a poser, you have to earn what you’ll wear in every possible way. After finding a reliable local or online skate shop Australia wide, for starters, choose something comfortable and not too showy, something that will both up your game, but also let you stay true to yourself. You might also need to check out some cool punk rock bands (if you aren’t already into it) because there is a lot of talk going about these into the community.


If you feel attracted to this particular hobby, chances are, this type of music will sound appealing and inspiring to you as well. There are a lot of professional skaters out there who claim that this music gives them much more mobility and power while performing tricks. Also, skaters listen to this music at home when they want to visualize themselves performing something grand, and we know what they say: If you can it, you can do it.

Lend Yourself a Skater’s Eyes

If someone urged me to describe in one sentence the mindset of a skater, that would be: Find what you love and let it absorb you. Not only that these people look and think like rebels, it seem as if their sense of sight has a completely different type of focus. Where ordinary people see stairs, rail and roads, they see challenges and obstacles to be crossed.


Their ability to quickly count stairs and discern the stability of rails is unbelievable – a long lasting consequence of making the world their playground and they got the knees, wrists, ankles and elbows to prove it.

A Whole Bag of Tricks

Sadly, the ability to do tricks does not comfortably sit, wrapped in a nice box, among the product categories of some online skate shop Australia has to offer. It’s more of a body, mind and spirit unity, rather than muscles, tension and conformity. You have to learn to be fluid like water, as if you are learning martial arts. Excessive use of energy and stress will only stand in your way, you have to learn how to go with the flow of things and only then, your very own and unique tricks will come to you naturally. The skateboard must become an inseparable part of your body, a fifth limb.

Finally, my dear skater wannabe, I bid you farewell and hope you do well in the world of rebels on boards with wheels, where many awesome physical experiences are possible and real.

Stephanie Tierney