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Streetwear Style Guide: How to Master It While Feeling Comfortable

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Streetwear Style Guide: How to Master It While Feeling Comfortable

Streetwear fashion in the year 2024 means combining modern and retro styles to offer a perfect blend of style and comfort. Having been excluded from the global fashion stage, this movement has now become a top contender in the ready-to-wear market, consistently producing best-selling items annually.

Streetwear goes beyond just being a fashion choice; it represents a unique identity. Understanding how to wear streetwear clothing is a way to showcase your beliefs. And rocking an urban style is not as exclusive as some may think. To truly showcase this culture, one must fully embrace and immerse oneself in it – that’s it. With this comprehensive guide, you can enhance your street smarts and stand out among your peers.

Key Components of Streetwear


womens trainers

Trainers are an essential part of any shoe collection. They are also a great addition to any urban footwear collection and are undeniably the focal point of streetwear fashion, which is why they hold such significance. Quality and originality are key factors to consider when selecting a good pair of men’s or womens trainers Australia-wide available in stores online. 

Opting for quality over quantity is key, especially when it comes to investing in your sport shoes. You should also differentiate between sneakers designed for sports and those created for aesthetic purposes. Regardless of the current trends, men’s sport shoes and women trainers in Australia will always find their way back into your closet. 

If you’re looking to switch up your style or opt for a more formal appearance, a comfortable pair of shoes can add a youthful flair without being overwhelming. Certainly, there are other types of shoes that are also popular in streetwear fashion. It’s a good idea to switch them out for a pair of heels or comfortable sandals like Birkenstocks during the summer months, as well as weatherproof boots during the winter months. However, generally speaking, sneakers and trainers seem to be the number one option regardless of the season with models like the classic Chuck Taylors being a timeless choice.

Oversized T-Shirts

When selecting a t-shirt, it’s crucial to consider the overall outfit idea you have in mind. It can either balance out a busy look or add a touch of excitement to a minimalist attire. It’s important to note that you should probably choose an oversized cut if you’re interested in the classic streetwear look.

Next, it’s important to carefully examine the aesthetics of the t-shirt. If you like to go a step further on the scale of fashion ensure that colours, patterns, and fonts work well together to create a cohesive and pleasing design. Ultimately, it’s important to be willing to dare to put on something unique, and create a style that sets you apart and becomes your own personal touch whether you’re exploiting men’s or women’s streetwear.

Sweatshirts and Hoodies


These two are timeless favourites that continue to captivate us. Spacious, cosy, and trendy, they are a key component of streetwear fashion. Simply put, a sweatshirt is a versatile option for any occasion, especially when you come across unique finds. And what’s better than topping it off with your favourite oversized hoodie during wintertime?

When faced with a choice between vintage, print, and basic styles, why not choose all three? These items are all likely to be useful at some point, so there’s no need to deny yourself the opportunity to have them. If you’re a fan, you’ll surely enjoy them, and soon enough, you’ll start building quite a collection. Prepare for the latest fashion trend to dominate your wardrobe. Embrace the cosy allure of a stylish sweater or hoodie – a fashion choice that never disappoints!

Jogging Pants

The jogging suit reigns supreme in the world of athleisure, blending sporty and casual styles effortlessly. If a design is popular, it’s likely because it offers a blend of functionality and enjoyment. With its versatility in both comfort and style, this piece can be worn for any event and paired with any ensemble.

One important consideration is understanding how to add value to the jogging suit and differentiate between models designed for casual wear at home and those suitable for nighttime wear. Fortunately, there are premium jogging suits tailored for sophisticated tastes.

Cargo Pants

These military pants are popular among streetwear enthusiasts due to their youthful appeal. After being redesigned by top designers, the latest cargo pants now boast a sleek and contemporary appearance. Available in two styles, “wide” and “carrot”, you have the option to mix up your bottoms for a more versatile wardrobe that suits your body shape.

Cargo pants are known for being versatile and practical. Originally created for techno outfits, they are now commonly matched with all types of casual ensembles. In 2024, we are observing their development into more sophisticated styles where they complement each other beautifully.

Caps, Bandanas and Silver Jewellery: The Perfect Addition to Your Streetwear Look

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Urban fashion involves accessorising, with caps, bandanas, and silver jewellery being some of the must-have accessories. 

For those looking for the perfect streetwear cap, the snapback is a must-have. This highly sought-after design features a flat visor and a distinctive back tab, adding to its unique appeal. Consider adding a curved peaked cap to your everyday wardrobe for a stylish touch. This item is both timeless and versatile, with a discreet and unobtrusive design. 

For those who lean towards minimalism, the docker hat is a must-have accessory this season. Highly valued within the skateboarding community, it is now making a strong entrance into the world of streetwear. The bandana is another classic that’s perfect for injecting the look with a little texture and colour, especially useful if you’re more into bland colour choices for streetwear clothes. 

Lastly, the silver jewellery, like chains in all sizes and thicknesses, can be the nice finishing touch that complements the overall appearance. There are plenty more options, however, other than the chains, from bracelets and rings to earrings, you can use to upgrade your streetwear style. 

Stephanie Tierney