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Stunning Lighting Ideas that can Transform Your Dining Room

dining room with industrial pendant cage light

Stunning Lighting Ideas that can Transform Your Dining Room

We all want to make the most out of our dining experience, don’t we? A lot of times, the dining room is the place for chitting chat with family and friends while enjoying delicious meals. And sure, you can prepare the most amazing food and have the greatest company, but if your lighting is off, the perfect ambience can be easily ruined.

dining table fairy light chandelier

Good lighting is crucial. We all pay so much attention to it, even when we’re doing something as simple as taking a selfie at golden hour. It changes everything. The way lighting fixtures complement the rest of the decor sets the overall vibe and tone of the room so it’s necessary to get it right. Make sure you don’t make it too bright though, no one wants to chip at their food and chat in an overly bright environment. A dimply-lit setting can contribute to a far more pleasant experience for your guests.

dining room table with a big chandelier

But how to choose the right lighting fixture for your personal space? It can be a tricky question. You need to take into consideration the size of the room and dining table and the level of illumination you’re trying to achieve. Don’t panic just yet, have a look at our list of things to keep an eye out for when looking to upgrade the lighting in your dining area.

Add Some Spice with Cage Pendant Lighting

Tired of the same old lighting options that are being offered to you? Embrace the retro vibe with a striking vintage pendant cage light. Make it the focal point of your lighting pattern to achieve a serene ambient glow. Its dynamic and extraordinary design makes an impression on everyone and radiates elegance and sophistication. It can be controlled with regular light switches, or you can install dimmers and have fun controlling the lighting intensity and adjusting it to your needs.

kitchen with vintage pendant cage light

These days, you can get a pendant cage light that comes in a wide range of shapes and sizes to best suit your needs. If you want a more natural feel, opt for a high-quality rattan pendant, which is considered to be extremely durable and low maintenance. Its intricate design and boho-style look will provide an eye-catching feature for your dining space. Most of them come in a light shade, which will instantly refresh the area and make it seem brighter and more lively. Plus, it’s environmentally friendly, so you’ll help protect the environment in the process. Kudos to you!

If you’re looking to achieve a sleek and subtle mood, you can go for an industrial pendant cage light. Some of them even have glass wrapped around the frame for a timeless and effortless appearance. They’re quite solid and durable and they offer the perfect combination of modernist and vintage that will have everyone admiring their beauty. Their popularity is unsurprisingly on the rise due to their functionality and stylistic features.

Most pendant cage lights are very flexible too, you can easily adjust the light rod and hang them at different heights depending on the space you have at your disposal. Naturally, you can use this feature to your advantage and play around with different heights for an asymmetrical decoration.

Embrace Conventionality with Chandeliers

For the more traditional household, chandeliers are the way to go. You can choose from the formal and conventional crystal chandeliers with complex details or the more tame, natural materials such as glass, shiny metals or even resin. Chandeliers with matte metal finishes and geometric designs with small but notable details are the perfect fit for modern-day trendsetters. Take something that is considered traditional, give it a modern twist and achieve a magical lighting effect. This is perfect as the centrepiece of your dining room, displaying an ornate style and vibrant illumination.

dining room table with a chandelier

Play Around with Lampshades

To achieve a centralized lighting arrangement, hang a few lampshades above your dining table. The upside is that you can design and paint your own lampshade to personalize it even more. Take your time with the paintbrush to keep the lines neat and tidy, you wouldn’t want to make a mess out of it, would you? Lampshades in general are a fairly inexpensive way of brightening up your home.

Classic linen lampshades are great for a sophisticated and stylish appearance if you’re not willing to go too over-the-top in terms of design. Choose a minimal pattern and soft colours to create a lustrous yet subtle surface shimmer.

chandelier with linen lampshades

For nature lovers, lampshades with an elegant display of Australian flowers and leaves are the go-to solution that will go along with any floral wallpapers you might have. It can tie in nicely with your existing home decor to create the ultimate natural blend.

Make it Simple with Wall Lighting

These lighting options work best as spotlights, whenever you’d like to emphasize certain aspects of your interior decoration, like that new piece of artwork you’ve recently bought or fancy silverware that’s your pride and joy. Wall lights can be used as general lighting as well, by placing them all around the room, although generally, they’re most suitable as accent decorations.

linen indoor wall lights

Hanging simple, spherical wall lights can make your space seem ethereal all while maintaining a minimalist form. Or you can hop on the growing interior trend and put up bare filament light bulbs to showcase warmth and versatility. They’re authentic and old-school and will undeniably make your dining room stand out from the rest, giving it a unique and inviting look.

Fairy Lights for Outdoor Dining Areas

Take the dining party outside in the warm summer nights by using charming fairy lights to softly illuminate your garden or backyard. Whether you’re planning an evening get-together, barbecue, or simply want to catch up with friends over a cup of coffee, hanging a few strands of string lights will help you create the ultimate decorative lighting solution.

outdoor dining table with fairy lights

The best part is, they’re not fixed, so you can drape them over anything and everything to accommodate your taste. Host your next garden party in style and showcase your creativity with this entertaining lighting option that will woo all of your guests.

Stephanie Tierney