Style Tips for the Mother of the Bride: Let's Digress from the Talk of Dress
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Style Tips for the Mother of the Bride: Let’s Digress from the Talk of Dress

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Style Tips for the Mother of the Bride: Let’s Digress from the Talk of Dress

You have received the best news! The date is set! Your little girl is not so little anymore, she is getting married! And now the preparations for the most beautiful day may begin… There is always too much to do when organizing a wedding and after all of the responsibilities are distributed among the members of the bride and groom’ s family, you are left with taking care of your own appearance for the event. If you are one of those people that like to think out of the box I’m sure you’d enjoy straying away from what’s expected.

One very noticeable way to do this is to forgo the dress and go for a pant suit. Now although this opens a lot of possibilities, there are a few things you ought to consider as to make sure you still achieve a formal and elegant look, while ripping the benefits that come with not opting for a dress.

One particularly great benefit when it comes to the different mother of bride pant suits is the opportunity to combine colours, pattern and fabrics. One of these options is the classic black colour combined with colourful embroidery which can make you ooze with both sophistication and playfulness.

Regarding fabrics, if you want something figure-hugging, you can go with polyester and elastene which can also give you a simpler look, but don’t worry about it not being glamorous enough since sometimes less is more. What’s more, later on you can combine the different pieces of the set with other pieces of clothing appropriate for some other occasion.

mother of bride pant suits

Another benefit that comes with wearing a pant suit for your daughter’s wedding is that this attire can make you stand out, especially from the bridesmaids. As mentioned before, you are one of the few most important people on this event – a person that everyone is to meet and greet at the reception, so being easy to notice is a plus. In addition to this, pants are more convenient than a dress for so many other things as they make getting into a car, dancing, climbing stairs, finding a seat and going to the lady’s room much easier.

Mother of the bride pant suits can also very easily help you hide any flaws you are not comfortable with and still look perfect. And you can rest assured that you won’t be cold if it’s a winter wedding or a chilly spring or autumn outdoor reception.

Finally, if you aren’t comfortable choosing what is appropriate all on your own, you can consult your daughter, a professional stylist, or maybe even the groom’s mother. Finding the balance between feeling unique and comfortable is key. Now, start planning and choosing on time get ready to make memories that will last for the rest of your life!

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Stephanie Tierney