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These days, canvases are used most frequently for oil and acrylic paintings. During the Renaissance, canvas was used instead of wood panels for painting because it was lighter, could be rolled, and provided a more stable surface that was less prone to warping and cracking than wooden panels. Whether you want to stretch your canvas or purchase already stretched canvases or canvas boards, there are many types of canvas fabrics to pick from nowadays.

Painting has originated a long time ago and it is still one of the most appreciated forms of art. We began by using caves as our canvases, and the earth’s natural resources as our main origin of pigments. Now, we have immensely advanced and have developed all sorts of art material that can be used to create outstanding compositions. In the present day, we hang paintings as welcoming art in our homes, offices and even museums. However, they mean much more to us than just regular decorative items. Painting can be a great way of expressing our deepest feelings and making our creativity rise up to the surface.