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Having a good night’s sleep is as important for our well-being as is sticking to a healthy diet and regular exercise regimen. Yet, many people either don’t take this seriously or find it hard to fall and stay asleep.

Many factors can affect sleep quality. Some of them are connected with health issues, while others have to do with the comfort of the sleeping environment. Sleep can often be disrupted if you don’t feel comfortable enough. This can occur if you’re a hot sleeper or have skin sensitivities and allergies. If this is you, know that the key to better sleep can be as easy as buying a new set of sheets. To be more precise, a new set of bamboo bed sheets.

While sleep problems are quite common, affecting a whopping 45% of the population worldwide, they aren’t often given the attention they deserve. That is until they reach a serious point and start impacting a person’s quality of life, work, relationships, and wreaking havoc on the health and well-being.