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Although it seems like an easy thing to do, decorating a bedroom with wallpaper can be tricky. Many people have tried it but not all of them have managed to pull it off successfully. Wallpaper is not just something that you slap on a wall...

The front entrance to the house should be like the introduction to a good book. It's should be a carefully created glimpse of what is to be expected on the inside without revealing too much. But unfortunately, more often than not we fail to give our front entrance the love it deserves. What a pity, considering how jazzing it up is one of the easiest and most affordable home projects, and even the smallest of changes can make a huge difference. If you're tired with the way your front door looks, here are some great ideas to enhance its beauty.
With the wide range of storage options available on the market today, controlling clutter has never been easier and more stylish. From sea-grass storage box models to rattan boxes, cardboard boxes and much more, your home can become much more functional and look fabulous at the same time. Storage boxes offer you a great opportunity to stay organized, but it is important that you choose the right ones to make your space look neat. So in the light of that fact, here are our tips for choosing the right storage box for different uses and the best way to use them in order to keep your place organized, tidy and chic.
I have many sweethearts I care about. My husband, the two kids, and six Replica Thonet Sweetheart Bentwood Chairs. I know that many old souls and lovers of bygone eras will understand my devotion to these pieces of artistry. For those of you who might feel like between the devil and the deep blue sea, here's a little bit of history.