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Let's be honest, those of us who don't have a shed deal with clutter occupying our gardens on a daily basis. Lawn mowers, rakes, saws and all sorts of garden equipment just lying around is a recipe for disaster. Not only can someone steal these items, but children, pets and other family members can easily get hurt.

With the wide range of storage options available on the market today, controlling clutter has never been easier and more stylish. From sea-grass storage box models to rattan boxes, cardboard boxes and much more, your home can become much more functional and look fabulous at the same time. Storage boxes offer you a great opportunity to stay organized, but it is important that you choose the right ones to make your space look neat. So in the light of that fact, here are our tips for choosing the right storage box for different uses and the best way to use them in order to keep your place organized, tidy and chic.
Have you noticed a trend in interior design lately? Clean lines, soothing colours and broad, uncluttered spaces all adorn the pages of the latest editions of popular interior design magazines. And if you were to actually read the editorials, you are sure to come across a lot of Scandinavian this and Scandinavian that. The reason why this style is so popular not only in magazines, but in homes throughout Australia, is that it's very liveable - made up from low key furnishings that are comfortable as much as purposeful. If the only reference you have about Scandinavian design is Ikea, this guide is here to give you the proper picture of what it's all about.
The sideboard is that piece of furniture we rely on when we need something decorative to fill in an awkwardly empty space in our living or dining rooms, and when we need some extra space for storage but we don't want it to be too obvious. Yes, we women can be pretty demanding when it comes to choosing furniture elements for interior decoration purposes, but then again, if we weren't, our rooms and homes would look like a mess without any direction of style, colour and material. In this post I'll concentrate on one very appealing style of sideboards coming from the far East: the Chinese sideboard. It's mainly suitable for vintage homes, for rooms designed with more traditional and kind of old elements, but with a certain modern charm. Choosing a Chinese sideboard is a rather easy task if you take into consideration a few important factors.

If you are a boat owner and winter starts to come, you are going on a long vacation or are moving then you will need boat storage at some point. It's not something that you probably think about too often, but when the need does...