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Teak Outdoor Furniture – Lasting Beauty That Screams Luxury

Luxury outdoor furniture

Teak Outdoor Furniture – Lasting Beauty That Screams Luxury

Summer might be approaching its end, but we here in Australia are lucky to get to enjoy mild autumns that allow us to steal some wonderful moments of sunshine every now and then. So, instead of staying inside your home, why not make the most out of your outdoor area with some fancy outdoor furniture and accessories? In fact, now is the time to go hunting for end-of the season sales on designer outdoor pieces.

Creating an outdoor space which is at the same time comfortable, functional, and attractive requires making some big investments. And if you’re going to spend your well-earned money on it, it should at least last for more than a couple of seasons, right? With that being said, homeowners looking to outfit their outdoor space with long-lasting luxury outdoor furniture usually narrow down their choices to teak.

But why teak? Out of all the hardwoods used to make furniture, teak is the strongest and most resilient option, which means it is perfect for outdoor use. Since the middle ages, teak has been used in the construction of ships, and since the 1950’s it quickly became a popular choice for luxury outdoor furniture that lasts for decades.

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One of the reasons teak outlasts most other wooden furniture is that it has a high content of naturally occurring rubber and oils that serve as its very own protection layer. What this means is that teak furniture does not need any special treatment and that it is waterproof and resistant against sun damage, rot, and insects.

Another reason teak is an attractive option for outdoor furniture is its rich look. When brand new, teak furniture has a really warm, buttery gold colour. Over time, due to being exposed to the elements, teak starts to gradually assume an appealing silvery gray colour. And if you like this look, you can simply relax and enjoy your teak furniture as it starts to turn gray. You also have the option to purchase pre-weathered gray teak, which makes it easier to choose pillows and accent pieces without having to worry how it will look once its colour changes.

But if you love the rich, honey-brown look of your furniture, you can slow down the weathering process by coating it with a good sealant. It’s important to mention that sealants also tend to wear down, so ask your vendor about its maintenance and regularly check the state of the furniture. Some manufacturers advice to oil the furniture as a way to preserve its colour longer. However, if your furniture is placed in a spot that’s not directly exposed to the sun, it won’t fade that quickly.

While teak furniture is generally considered low maintenance, it still needs some TLC. It is not prone to rotting, but accumulated dirt and grime can give rise to mildew. To prevent this from happening, you can thoroughly scrub your furnishings with a bristle brush and a solution of equal amounts of mild general purpose detergent and water. If you do this once a year, your furnishings will stay fresh and mildew free.

Stephanie Tierney