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The First Order of Business – Tips on Choosing the Perfect Work Shirts

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The First Order of Business – Tips on Choosing the Perfect Work Shirts

Quality work attire is the most important thing in terms of looking professional. The reasons for the widespread usage of uniforms are commonly known. One of the most obvious ones is that uniforms help in the differentiation between employees and customers. If all your employees are wearing the same work attire, then your customers will be sure who to approach for help. Another great reason is the fact that sometimes work can be messy. And no one wants to wear their good clothes for a job like that. So, to make sure that all employees look presentable, business owners should provide them with quality work attire.

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A great way to ensure that everyone is dressed appropriately (if the specific profession doesn’t require overalls and aprons) is getting everyone custom work shirts. For starters, button-up shirts aren’t as casual as regular cotton T-shirts. You can combine them with jeans for a more casually looking uniform, or even dress pants in order to look more formal. You can add a suit or a tie to dress up, or you can wear them with sneakers and denim to dress down. Not every employee in a certain business has the same dress code. For example, in the restaurant industry, servers are usually dressed more casually so that they can be more comfortable, seeing how they are on their feet a lot. Unlike them, hostesses are usually located near the entrance to greet and seat people, so they usually have a more business-like outfit. And that’s the great thing about choosing shirts for uniforms – they go with most styles.

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What makes custom work shirts look even more professional, is the option to embroider your company’s logo on them. Plain T-shirts with your company’s printed logo also work well for a more casual work environment. They can be a great option for trendy bars with no dress code for neither customers nor employees. However, certain businesses do require more dressed up uniforms. And this is where custom work shirts come into play. The logo can be embroidered subtly, on the collar or around the chest area. This way it won’t be covered up with a jacket, should your employees need to wear one.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Custom Work Shirt for Your Business

Now that we have gone over the advantages of having customized work shirts for all employees, let’s see what are the factors to consider before purchasing them.

Are they durable?

There is no point in skimping out on uniforms. The wear and tear due to constant usage mean that you will need to replace them every so often. So, when you add up the costs of constantly buying new uniforms for everyone, it turns out that cheap uniforms aren’t exactly cost-efficient. And if you can no longer find or purchase that specific type of uniform, you would need to buy new ones for each employee – not just the ones that are in desperate need of replacement.

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An easy way to determine whether a shirt is durable is by checking the fabric. In terms of clothes, there are manmade fabrics, such as polyester, and plant-based fabrics such as cotton. There is a wide variety of materials to choose from, however, cotton and polyester are the most common fabrics used for making shirts.

Polyester is definitely more durable than cotton. It is a strong and resilient material which doesn’t wrinkle and it dries fast. So, you won’t have to spend that much time ironing your shirts.

Are they breathable?

And while polyester can definitely withstand any kind of work conditions, it is not exactly a breathable fabric. This is why it is usually mixed with organic materials, such as cotton. Most natural fabrics allow airflow. This means that moisture evaporates and it doesn’t stick to the skin. Cotton, linen and bamboo are widely used for making summer clothes due to these properties. However, constant wear and washing can make cotton shirts lose their shapes. They also wrinkle more than synthetic shirts.

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Therefore, if you want to have the best of both worlds, you can probably find some quality work shirts made from cotton and polyester blends. If breathability is your priority though, that is if your employees need to move and walk around a lot, then cotton is your best bet. Being on your feet all day and rushing to serve every customer on time requires clothes that won’t make your body temperature go even higher. For professions where employees are usually seated or don’t need to move a lot to serve customers, cotton and poly blends will work just fine.

Are they comfortable?

Shirts aren’t exactly pyjamas. Wearing a button-down shirt all day long, especially one that is not comfortable, is something that is hard to ignore. While employees can’t exactly wear yoga pants or shorts to work, they can wear uniforms that are lightweight and don’t restrict their movement. Work shirts shouldn’t be too tight nor too loose – the right size is essential for optimal comfort. Besides being the right size, shirts should also be made from the right material. One that is soft and comfy for everyday wear.

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