Things to Look for to Ensure That You are Getting a Quality Tactical Gun Torch
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Things to Look for to Ensure That You are Getting a Quality Tactical Gun Torch

Gun Torch

Things to Look for to Ensure That You are Getting a Quality Tactical Gun Torch

Whether you are a camper, hunter, hiker or in the military, you realize the importance of having a torch light. This is an item you don’t really realize you need until it’s too late. From looking for smaller items that you’ve dropped in the dark, mounting it on your gun when hunting in the dark, or just roaming around the forest while camping in the night, it is of paramount importance regarding safety.

What are tactical gun torches?

They’re designed to achieve a desired result. A plain example is walking through the woods without hitting a tree. They have much higher standards than the average flashlights. Let’s look at some features that tactical gun torches offer, and what are some of the things you need to consider before getting one:

Consider your allowances, depending on what you plan to do with the flashlight. Generally, quality comes at costlier prices – a decent flashlight will cost more than 50$. This will get you a high quality flashlight with all the specs you expect and need from it.

Again, depending on what you plan to use the flashlight for, there are multiple sizes to chose from. If it’s for everyday carrying around, you need a smaller one that won’t get in the way of your comfort. Balancing size and power is key.

Power Source
This has to be the key consideration. Some batteries last longer than others, some provide more power, some are rechargeable while others are disposable. They all have their own specific use and not all of them can fit your needs.

  • Disposable Alkaline – The most commonly used ones, these don’t offer as much power as others, but are relatively cheaper and can be found in any corner or convenience shop.
  • Disposable Lithium – Provide much more power than alkaline, but are pretty much identical in every other aspect. Have a shelf life of around 10 years, thus, are favoured by survivalists. These perks come at the price of expense.
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion – These come in different sizes, offering great power just like their disposable counterparts. Their disadvantage comes in the form of price, and the need to purchase a compatible charger.

Durability – This depends on the materials used in the making of the flashlight. Some are stronger than others:

  • Plastic – These are harder to find nowadays, but they’re still available. The reason behind this is that they’re low in quality, so you your best bet is to look for one made from the materials listed below.
  • Stainless Steel – A very durable and strong material but it’s quite heavy.
  • Anodized Aluminum – The most commonly found material in modern flashlights.
  • Titanium – A very strong material just like stainless steel, but is much lighter. It’s usually costlier, so if your budget allows it, go for it.

After giving all of this a few moments of thought, I think you have gathered enough knowledge to go out and buy the flashlight you need to serve all your purposes.

Ian Tompson