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Transcending Trends and Time: The Story of Nike Dunk Sneakers

persons feet with nike dunk sneakers on hanging from a high wall

Transcending Trends and Time: The Story of Nike Dunk Sneakers

Once in a while, a pair of sneakers comes to the scene, wows a generation of sneakerheads, and disappears, until it finds its way to resurge in other genres and subcultures. These mainstream models and timeless classics have been around for decades and infiltrated the pool of well-known sneakers adored by many.
The highly influential sneaker Nike Dunk Low has left an indelible mark on the world of fashion and streetwear. From its origins in the 80s to its reappearance among Generation Z, this footwear has become an iconic symbol of style and self-expression. This basketball-turn-skateboard shoe with its simplistic design and versatility in shape has made history as one of the most collectible silhouettes today. 

The Story of Nike Dunk

The original Nike Dunk was first introduced in 1985, which was around the same as the unveiling of the legendary Air Jordan 1, specifically made for college basketball players. Some 14 years later, the lower-profile version of Nike Dunk Low was released with Pro B and CO.JP models. With the new features such as a fat tongue, elastic straps and extra padding as well as the crazy colours and fabrics, Pro B opened the gates to an unexpected group of consumers – the skateboarding community. This gave momentum to the silhouette, but it wasn’t until the early 2000s that the model went through a transformation and became a cult-like favourite for skaters and sneakerheads. 
With the introduction of the SB (Skateboard) models under the lead of Sandy Bodecker who managed the division (and whose initials happen to coincide with the name of the model) the first drop of sneakers among the skate subculture was made. With a few subtle tweaks to cater for the needs of the demographic, the shoe entered a new era. 
The ‘stitch and turn’ overlay construction on the toe of the shoe increased its durability in the area most affected by performing flip tricks. Implementing a clever marketing strategy and a controlled and very limited number of sneakers offered exclusively at independent skateboarding shops, Nike made sure the shoe reached a highly perceived consumer value. By creating scarcity, they created an unsatisfied demand and cemented its place in the sneaker culture. Collaborations with streetwear brands and famous skaters catapulted the sneakerhead culture into the mainstream.

two nba basketball stars playing basketball with nike dunks sneakers

The Big Comeback

Following the dip in popularity in the 2010s, Nike Dunks had a major comeback in 2020, mainly due to new collaborations and exclusive releases. When Travis Scott reworked the SB Dunk Low and put a unique spin on them with the removable paisley and plaid print overlays, the shoe created a frenzy and hype in the sneaker world. By keeping the availability limited and using the strategy of a highly coveted item once again, the resell prices of the Dunk Low skyrocketed and social media platforms were flooded with images of sneaker buffs showing their latest acquisitions. 
Today, a younger generation has welcomed the silhouette with open arms, and the number of notable releases is growing every few months. The Nike Dunk Low has become a symbol of inclusivity and representation. By collaborating with various artists, designers, and organisations to release special editions, they celebrate diversity and cultural milestones. The shoe has gone through a whirlwind of changes and tweaks since it was first introduced and walked in two separate directions, the one aimed at skateboarders and the other one for the general consumer. But this evolution hasn’t changed the appeal of sneakers and what they mean to the one wearing them.

man holding a nike dunk sneaker

The Appeal of the Shoe

Why is the sneaker appealing to people? According to its fans, it’s the versatility. It can be dressed up or down, making it suitable for every occasion. The vibrant colour schemes and bold choices paired with its simple yet iconic design allow for endless personalization and customization. And finally, skaters don’t have to carry an extra pair of shoes when they head towards the ramps. This is the perfect shoe for all their tricks, offering freedom of movement on top of reliable support. 

person wearing red and yellow coloured nike dunks

The Dunk Low and Gen Z

Since their major comeback in the last couple of years, Nike Dunks have become a favourite among Gen Z. This generation, born between the 1990s and 2010s, has embraced the retro aesthetic and has a deep appreciation for the nostalgia-driven look. The unique colourways and sleek design allow self-expression and style. The casual, relaxed, yet fashion-forward trend this generation loves is putting sneakers at the forefront of their wardrobe. Paired with straight or wide-legged jeans and oversized tees or sweaters as well as the dress and sneakers combo beam a cool and laid-back look.

a collection of nike dunk sneakers

What’s Next?

The Nike Dunk Low shoes have an illustrious history that spans over several decades and its enduring popularity and ongoing collaborations that solidified its place in the past will continue to do so in the future as well. As an entirely universal silhouette that belongs to everyone, bonding streetwear and skateboarding culture with a wide span of celebrity endorsements, it looks like the story will continue. So, make sure you get your hands on a pair of one of the most desirable sneakers on the market.

Ian Tompson