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Exploring the Most Underrated Exterior Aftermarket Holden Spare Parts

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Exploring the Most Underrated Exterior Aftermarket Holden Spare Parts

Having the most important spare parts in your vehicle at all times is as important as having fuel in it because you never know when something might go wrong. Having a spare tire or a puncture repair kit is of the essence, however, there are some other spare parts that are good to have with you when taking your Holden for an adventure in Australia’s outback. These parts are not as commonly replaced as tires are, for example, but they are certainly important regarding safety and convenience.


By lights, I mean all three of them, tail lights, indicator lights, and headlights. They may not be as prone to getting damaged or malfunctioning as your dashboard or car’s OS (if you have one installed) is, but they sure can get you in trouble if they’re not working properly. These Holden spare parts should consist of a pair of tail lights, indicator, and headlights in order to ensure that you are safe on the road by being well illuminated, especially at night or in foggy weather conditions.


If one of your mirrors gets shattered you may be able to just fix the mirror itself and not have to replace the whole thing. Therefore, having spare mirrors for both the rear-view and wing mirrors can be a lifesaver when you find yourself driving in the middle of nowhere. You may be able to drive for some time relying on your rear-view mirror, however, you will have to eventually fix the broken side mirror to keep yourself and the rest of the traffic participants safe.


Wiper Blades

Probably one of the most underrated parts of every vehicle, wiper blades are of the essence for your safety when driving. Imagine you’re headed for a road trip with your buddies and all of a sudden it starts pouring. If your wiper blades are not properly operating, you won’t have much of choice but to find shelter somewhere near and stop driving until the rain stops. Pretty annoying, I know. Also, if wiper blades aren’t used for a long time, they might stop working and sometimes, the heat of the sun may soften the rubber which will reduce traction resulting in less efficient windshield cleaning.

Car Cover

Although it may not be one of the most essential Holden spare parts, having a car cover stored in the back of your vehicle is an important investment that can protect your vehicle from exterior damage. Everyone wants to keep their car clean and safe from dust and dirt, which is why investing in a car cover that will protect your vehicle when it’s parked in the middle of nowhere is important. These accessories prevent minor damages and protect your vehicle from scratches.

Ian Tompson