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Whether you get a high-quality wall hook hat and coat rack or several single wall hooks, they can be the perfect way to elevate the style of your entryway, while making it more functional.
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Wall Hooks: Hang Your Coats and Hats in Style

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Wall Hooks: Hang Your Coats and Hats in Style

For most of us, organising all the things that we own can be quite daunting. Decluttering will not only allow the beauty of your home to be seen, but it will also have a very positive impact on your mental wellbeing. Thankfully, homeware manufacturers have been designing so many things that can help us prevent clutter and neatly store our belongings. And while many interior trends are changing and evolving, new types of closets are invented, new items to help you organise – there is one easy and highly effective element that is a constant – wall hooks.

All wall hooks work on the same principle – they can be attached to the wall or sometimes a door, the side of a closet or even inside a closet, and you can hang your coats, hats and help you keep your home clear of clutter easily. But they can be a great way to touch up your home if you are looking for a change without spending a lot of money. Aside from their important role in decluttering, hooks also serve an aesthetical role. They come in a huge range of designs, as well as types – whether you get a high-quality wall hook hat and coat rack or several single wall hooks, they can be the perfect way to elevate the style of your entryway, while making it more functional.

Your Home’s Needs and Limitations


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Before you start looking for the wall hat and coat hooks that will match your home perfectly, determine the number you are going to need to purchase. Think about how many coats, hats, scarves or other things you may hang on hooks you have, taking everybody who lives in the house into account, and of course add some more hooks for your future guests.

Furthermore, don’t forget about finding the right place where you can install them. Take the limits of the space into consideration, whether you’ll hang them on the wall or in a closet. Do you have enough space to fit stunningly designed coat and hat hooks and give them enough space to be seen, or do you have to go for a more space-saving option?

Most people take off their hats, coats and shoes in the entryway. This is why the most commonplace for footwear and coat storage is the entryway. If there isn’t an option where you can hang your coat, it’s very likely that you will simply put it at the first place you find after disrobing, so that you can adjust to the inside temperature. So, to avoid unnecessary clutter, you should instal hooks as close to the entrance door as possible.

These simple pieces can give you a lot of additional storage space, as well as allow you to take advantage of the empty space on the walls in some of your rooms. Apart from the walls, they can also go inside a closet, they can be incorporated into a shelf etc. Furthermore, while they are most commonly installed in the entryway, you can also instal wall hook coat and hat racks in any other room. Another commonplace for them is the bedroom, where they help you take your organisation skills to a whole new level.

Your Home’s Style

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While they are such small pieces and they will be at least partially covered by the things they are holding, wall hanging hooks aren’t that easy to choose when their design is concerned. Nevertheless, you can narrow down your options by taking your overall home décor into account. Choose a finishing touch according to the style and the colours in your home, and specifically the place where you are going to install them.

Don’t forget that these kinds of home accessories should be treated like jewellery. While they do serve a very important purpose, they can also make your home look even more beautiful. So, for instance, for minimalistic styles, you can choose something in neutral colours, you can find a colour that will contrast the background, whether it’s the wall or wood, you can match the accent colour, for industrial style home design you can go for wall hanging hook hat rack or single metal hooks with a simple raw-looking design, for something more traditional you can go for iron decorative wall hooks and so on. It all depends on the style and the effect you want to achieve, whether you want them to blend in with the background, or you want them to stick out.

The Quality


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When it comes to wall-mounted hooks, typically you can go for either metal, wooden or plastic options. Furthermore, as previously mentioned, they can have different finishing touches, they can be in many colours, shapes, designs, styles etc. But much more important than the style is their quality.

The reason why you need high-quality hooks is that they may have to withstand a lot of weight – for instance in winter with huge coats. So, steer clear from flimsy plastic hooks and focus on the more durable metal or wooden options. Aside from them being made of sturdy materials, you also need to make sure that they can be attached properly to the surface so that you can rely on them, but you also need to make sure that they are installed properly so that they don’t fall and potentially cause damage.

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