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Ways to Make Your Sex Life Hot: Lace Chemise Hits the Spot

Ways to Make Your Sex Life Hot: Lace Chemise Hits the Spot

I don’t know why, but sleeping in a hotel has always been exciting for me, especially when I am with my husband. We often travel, visit various places and experience hotels; it’s kind of our thing. And while in a perfectly designed, arranged and supplied hotel room with a view and a rather soothing ambiance complemented by the fact that there’s no one to bother you for the entire day and night, no cooking or cleaning, and possibly no phones ringing and disturbing your peace, the desire for a little sexual adventure is a lot stronger than when you’re at home.

We both know that and besides the thrill of seeing and experiencing new places, another thrilling part of every journey we make is exactly that – exploring new excitements under the sheets. In addition to the large collection of sex toys we own, I decided to add in some sexy lingerie for a change; parading in front of his eyes and even throwing in a few stripper moves on something like “I put a Spell on You” by Nina Simone, would definitely bring me an “Oh” much stronger and longer than the previous one.

In the name of saving the time I don’t have and the nerves to look through stores, I decided to choose the modern way of shopping: online shops. While browsing the offers of the vast number of retailers, I stumbled across a lace chemise that is a combination of sexappeal, perversion and some sort of style which I can definitely pull off. Lace is the symbol of sex, the kind of material that covers just enough to put everything on display but still leaves something to the imagination. Moreover, it’s the type of material that can be both nasty and elegant, appealing and evoking the urge to tear down the entire piece. Ah, there’s a sexual beast in every person – it just needs the right trigger to be awaken.

The lace chemise is to be seen as kind of a costume as it’s not a bra and thongs type, but a one-piece lingerie. It can be worn under dresses or skirts, or, it can be worn only, and only in the bedroom. It depends on the model. Yes, there are some really classy models and some extremely kinky ones.
So free your fantasy and choose the piece that will suit you best. Or to be more precise – the piece that will look so good on you and make him look at you with so much lust and desire you’ll melt just from expression on his face.

And don’t compromise on the number; a collection of sexy lingerie is every devoted woman’s obligation. Good sex is one thing, but amazing, mind-blowing sex adventure is something to invest in.

Stephanie Tierney