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Your Simple Guide to Acing the Streetwear Game

Your Simple Guide to Acing the Streetwear Game

Streetwear—bridging the gap between millennials and gen Zs from the ‘90s to infinity. The year is almost 2023 and it seems like no one can get enough of that old-school flair as seen on the streets and runways. NBA jerseys, graphic tees, bucket hats, baggy jeans, Nikes and Chucks are back in the game so smoothly as if they never left.

Why is streetwear so popular? Because it’s an integral part of the urban culture and the perfect combo of effortless style and comfort, something that’s immune to fashion fads. If you’re considering updating your wardrobe with some streetwear staples you might be wondering where to start. Well, how about starting from the top?

Serving Steez and Team Pride with Basketball-Inspired Headwear

chicago bulls hat

No streetwear outfit is complete without a crown in the form of a snapback or bucket hat. But if you’re really into throwing it back, you should get your mitts on some of the retro yet timeless Chicago Bulls caps available in your local streetwear shop and online.

Streetwear started to expand globally sometime in the ‘90s, the same time when the 3-peaters were making headlines all around the world. If there’s one fashion item that marked this golden era for basketball and streetwear, it has to be the iconic basketball hat featuring Benny the Bull.

Why are the Chicago Bulls so popular? Because apart from winning three consecutive championships, they’ve won the hearts of fashionistas worldwide, from Tokyo to Paris and beyond. Through the years, celebrities like Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, and Cara Delevingne proudly wore the red, black and white. Moreover, Bulls clothing and accessories were also featured in famous fashion magazines like Vogue and GQ.

Whether you’re a lifelong fan of the Chicagoan dream team, consider Michael Jordan your idol, can’t get enough of the Last Dance on Netflix, or simply love the aesthetic—Chicago bulls caps deserve a place in your wardrobe.

Not only because they’re as stylish as they get but also because they’re incredibly comfortable to wear. In the heat of summer or in the dead of winter, your noggin will thank you. Of course, talking about quality-made, officially licensed NBA team hats produced by trusted sports brands like Nike, Mitchell and Ness and New Era, to name a few.

As for the style, Bulls snapback hats and bucket hats bring just the right amount of steez to everyday outfits. Thanks to the easy-wearing colourway, you can team them up with just about anything in your wardrobe. Fiery red for a pop of colour that’s bound to turn some heads, or black for a sleek finishing touch that ties your look together.

Think a full display of the team colours might raise some eyebrows at school or work? Honour His Airness and stay true to your style while keeping things low-key with an iconic Jordan hat in black with carefully understated embroidery of the Jumpman.

The Tops You Couldn’t Let Go Are En Vogue Again

nba snapback

Your favourite worn-in band t-shirt has just become a trendy sought-after item. How cool is that? Graphic tees, logo tees, NBA jerseys, crop tops, and oversized hoodies ruled the streetwear fashion scene then and continue to do so nowadays. What’s best about these pieces is that they can be dressed up or down to suit just about any occasion. And unlike other fashionable items, these good old duds are extremely comfortable too.

For the ultimate street-style statement, opt for an authentic throwback NBA jersey as the base of your outfit and work your way from there. NBA jerseys can be worn in various ways—jeans, shorts, or sweatpants you simply can’t go wrong. And since they usually feature bold colours and graphics, you won’t have to bother choosing additional accessories to complete the outfit.

The Bottoms You’ve Missed Dearly During the Skinny Jeans Trend

classic levi's jeans

When it comes to streetwear pants, usually the first thing that comes to mind is the baggy fit. Mainly because this clothing style is influenced by hip-hop and skate culture. If you aren’t big on oversized pants or the fit clashes with the dress code at a particular event, a pair of classic Levi’s or Dickies will do just fine. You can pair these staples with a basic tee for an effortless everyday look, or take things up a notch with a button-up or blazer to suit a more formal occasion.

The Ever-Popular Street Footwear That Makes Your Heart Race

nike dunks

This is where your inner hypebeast comes to life. From Nike Dunks and Air Force 1s to Vans Old-Skools and Chucks, all available in endless colour combinations—your options are as plentiful as they’re iconic. High, mid or low tops, whatever your preference might be, you’re bound to find the perfect fit among these sneakers staples.

Teamed up with a cool pair of socks for a complete look, they bring the ultimate street-style touch to any outfit. And what’s best about them is that they’ve risen to the mainstream, becoming not only acceptable but also highly fashionable choices for school, work, and the red carpet even. Sacrificing fashion for comfort? Yeah, no thanks!

The Streetwear Jewellery That Completes the Puzzle

streetwear jewelry

Streetwear outfits are all about letting your personality shine through. That’s why they go hand in hand with jewellery. Of course, not talking about getting a huge chain and a full set of grills as seen in movies and music videos, but a reasonable amount of bling that kicks your outfit up a notch. Something along the lines of a modern ring stack, hoop earrings or a statement timepiece.

Closing Thoughts

The streetwear clothing style of today may be reminiscent of the ‘90s, but it has a fresh vibe about it which makes it even better. And that concludes this simple guide to streetwear must-haves. Do you have some of these essentials in your wardrobe? If not, it’s time to get busy shopping and reinvent your everyday style. Without further ado, I’ll leave you to it.

Stephanie Tierney