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The Key Differences Between Skateboards and Cruiser Boards

Cruiser Skateboards

The Key Differences Between Skateboards and Cruiser Boards

Even though the members of the skateboarding culture consider themselves one big family, there are still those who are divided when it comes to the controversial topic of regular skateboards vs cruiser skateboards. While activities performed by both seem similar at first sight, they do in fact have a couple of distinct differences, which complement various types of preferences and personal styles. For most people that are just looking to get into this culture, the question remains: Do I get a regular or cruiser skateboard?

Knowing the weak links and the strong suits each of these boards have to offer will help you make the most informed decision possible. The main differences are associated with the use and structure of each board. Also, the cruiser skateboards are the “modern” cousin of the regular skateboard which wrote an entire skateboarding history. So, if you’re looking to cruise around town, then you guess it – you’re probably interested in cruiser skateboards. They’re generally not built for performing tricks, but are rather focused on riding around. However, they aren’t long enough to fall under the category of longboards. They come in multiple sizes and shapes, and typically have soft wheels. The smaller cruiser skateboards are more convenient for carrying around, but they also have limited capabilities when to free-riding and downhill riding.

cruiser skateboards

The most common wheel sizes for cruiser skateboards range about 55 to 65mm, where full size longboards sport wheels of 70mm in size and more. This keeps their weight down and allows them to use regular skateboarding trucks which are lighter and shorter. The softer wheels allow for riding on much harsher ground than generic trick skateboards.

Skateboards on the other hand, are built for performing tricks in skateparks or natural street obstacles. All modern skateboards have the same general size and shape, use the same wheel type (hard, about 50mm) and have the same kind of trucks. Their main purpose is doing tricks, like flips and ollies down stairs, over bins or sliding and grinding on hardrails or ledges. They’re not ideal for cruising on rough grounds and transportation, because of the way their wheels are built.


Regardless of what choice you make, there are benefits to reap. First and foremost, you’re physically active, which means you burn calories and stay fit. Performing tricks on a skateboard or cruising with a cruise skateboard will help you improve your balance and flexibility.

Ian Tompson