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A Beginner’s Guide to RC 4WD Kits


A Beginner’s Guide to RC 4WD Kits

In the eyes of a true believer, RC toys will never die out as they bring the pure we all had as kids playing around with one in the backyard. RC cars may be seen as something only kids can have fun but they are in fact not. If you want to spend more time with your kids or assembling an RC car on your own for hours then you should consider an RC kit. The RC cars you’ve once had were definitely RTRs or ready-to-run cars hence why you didn’t spend time assembling them.

But now kits are as available as RTR RC models and they are even better. Why? Because with a kit you get to learn a thing or two about the different components an RC car is made. You also get the level of customisation you simply can’t have with an RTR model. So, once you’ve decided what is the right RC vehicle for you it’s time to get a kit and RC4WD has a great range of kits to offer.

Trail Finder 2

Source: rcdriver.com

It’s called the Trail Finder 2 because with this RC 4WD kit you can drive on any type of terrain and have fun on it. If you are someone who enjoys driving on unknown terrain rather than the smooth pavement then the RC 4WD Trailer Finder 2 is the perfect kit.

The styling of the vehicle is both detailed and aggressive with its performance being supported by a 4WD drivetrain and a 2-speed selectable transmission. The Trailer Finder 2 also comes with a skid plate, realistic tube bumpers, leaf spring suspension, scale cast axles, ladder-frame chassis and mud trasher tires. The scale of this RC 4WD truck is 1/10.

Gelande II

Although the Gelande II is considered as an RTR it still has a certain assembly process that is simpler than the one of the Trail Finder 2. This RC RWD kit comes with a NiMH battery charger, 3000 mAh battery pack, a waterproof ESC, a plastic fuel cell receiver box, a chassis mounted steering servo, a brushed 45T motor and more. The G2 as it’s also known is highly customizable and it comes with a 3 link Panhard bar and a 4 link rear bar suspension. This is a single-speed RC 4WD truck ready to take on the challenges of off-roading.

Beast II Truck

Source: youtube.com

If you want an RC truck that will show no resentfulness when being faced with oncoming challenges then you should consider getting the Beast II truck. This is not a 4×4 but rather a 6×6 truck that offers an endless number of possibilities when it comes to the terrain you want to drive it on.

The Beast II comes with a 2-speed transmission, dual spring 80 mm scale shocks, cast metal axles with locked differentials, an aluminium ladder frame chassis and a 3 link front and an 8 link rear suspension. The Beast II also has Mil-Spec ZXL tires, a triton transfer case and deadlock humvee wheels too.

C2X Class 2

The C2X Class 2 is a competition truck with a 4 door body meaning this RC 4WD kit was created with both looks and performance in mind. No matter if you’re a casual or a competitive driver the C2X Class 2 from RC 4WD will offer a fun assembly process and exceed your expectations on the trail.

The C2X Class 2 comes with a brushed 35 T motor, a high torque metal gear digital servo, narrow front and rear axles, a single-speed transmission, CNC machined and bent aluminium chassis frame, a waterproof ESC, 4×4 transfer case, Beadlock wheels and a 4 link rear and a 3 link Panhard bar front suspension.

Carbon Assault

Source: rcdriver.com

This 1/10 monster truck kit requires about 2 to 3 hours to fully assemble but the amount of fun you can have during this assembly process and even when you start driving the Carbon Assault is immense. The Carbon Assault comes with a carbon fibre chassis, a 2-speed transmission, dual spring shocks, a plastic punisher shaft, CNC machined trailing arms, adjustable rear and front sway bars, a dual electronics mounting plate and more. With the Carbon Assault, you can are bound to have a unique driving experience thanks to the features and components that have never been used on a monster truck before.

What Do I Need to Build a RC Car?

While the supplies and tools required to build an RC car can differ for the most part they are the same no matter what type of RC car you want to build. Usually, you’ll need the RC car’s servo, 9V battery, an electric drive motor(s), a speed controller, receiver, bolts that fit into the holes of hinges, wheels, and thick spastic sheeting such as Lexan. The number of tools and equipment can vary though depending on the skill level of a kit but if you want to build an RC car from scratch you will need every little part to do so.

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