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Add That Final Touch to Your Gazebo with Some Practical Accessories


Add That Final Touch to Your Gazebo with Some Practical Accessories

If you are the proud owner of a spacious yard filled with greenery, then it would truly be a shame not to take advantage of it. And what better way to enjoy your backyard than by setting up a gazebo where you can lounge around and host parties? When the weather is warm and sunny, a gazebo offers great sun protection. And if your party is interrupted by a bit of rain and wind, you can find shelter under the awning. While gazebos are mostly popular with campers and with businesses hosting outdoor events, they truly are multifunctional. That marquee that you have set up in your backyard can be packed up and used on a camping trip. And vice versa!

I believe it is safe to say that most campers, business owners and homeowners with a nice backyard can greatly benefit from having a gazebo. But in order to fully take advantage of what this set up has to offer, you need to furnish and decorate it with some practical gazebo accessories.

An Awning

gazebo with awning

The purpose of a gazebo is to keep you sheltered while outdoors, so naturally, it has a cupola. The cupola serves the function of a roof, protecting you from the sun and the rain. However, the sun and the rain sometimes fall sideways. During sunset especially, the sun is lower and shades fall sideways. So, when the sun is positioned directly above the gazebo, the cupola offers plenty of shade. And when that is not the case, the awning is there offering back up! An awning is also useful when there is wind and rain. If you have some objects placed near the sides of the gazebo, you can rest assured that the rain won’t ruin them.

Wall Panels

gazebo with wall panels

When hosting a celebration or a party, most homeowners prefer to do it outside. The main reasons are that backyards are easier to clean up and guests are less likely to damage something that is expensive. Yet, sometimes, you just can’t exactly predict the weather so that day might end up being colder or rainy. What makes wall panels practical gazebo parts and accessories is the fact that they allow you to use the gazebo even if the weather isn’t as perfect as you had hoped. If it gets a bit chilly on the day of your party, you won’t have to cancel or reschedule it. You can just bring out your wall panels and set them up – they will make it easier to regulate the temperature. And if you bring out heaters – that’s even better. The wall panels will trap the heat inside, making the temperature more pleasant. In addition, they offer wind protection, so that you can rest assured your party will go as planned.

Mesh Walls

gazebo with insect net

If you are hosting a party in your backyard, some decorations will be needed! Some accent lighting and candles will definitely improve the ambience. And with candles outdoors on a warm summer night, some unwelcome guests are bound to show up – those pesky insects! Luckily, gazebos are simple to set up and accessories. Mesh walls can be easily attached, so you will be able to enjoy your pleasant night undisturbed. You can lay off the insect repellant and focus on decorating with scented candles.

A Folding Table

While having a table may be a luxury when camping, when it comes to backyards, it is one of the must-have gazebo accessories. Not to mention how important it is when setting up a gazebo for exhibitions at business events. If you are taking full advantage of your gazebo and hosting parties in your backyard, then you need a table to serve the food. Backyard events are more casual and in this case, a buffet is the most appropriate. With an adequate table, you will be able to serve all your homemade or purchased delicacies!

folding camping table

But instead of bringing out your expensive dining table, you can make do with a table that is specifically designed for outdoor use. And if you have no use for it after the event, you can simply fold it up and store it in the garage. Depending on the event, you can further decorate with a table runner. Get a colourful one for a kid’s birthday party or a neutral coloured one for a more formal party.

Folding Chairs

folding chairs

If you are already setting up a gazebo when camping or in your backyard, it is safe to assume that you are going all-in when it comes to comfort. And speaking of comfort, some of the most important marquee accessories are quality folding chairs. When choosing your outdoor chairs, make sure they are made from a strong and durable fabric. The structure also needs to be quality made to ensure that the chairs will last longer. When packing for a camping trip, usually, the chairs and the rest of the equipment are stacked on top of each other. They aren’t items that are handled with the utmost care, so it is best to opt for sturdy ones. Regarding the structure, look for ones made from steel. This metal is rot and corrosion-resistant, which is very important seeing how they will be used outdoors and in rainy weather. Other features to look for in folding chairs for extra comfort are armrests and drink holders. Now sit back and enjoy the good weather!

Stephanie Tierney