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A Breath of Fresh Air – White Manchester Linen

A Breath of Fresh Air – White Manchester Linen

Take a second and think about the most comfortable bed you have ever slept in. What comes to your mind? I can easily say what comes to mine – a comfy, fluffy bed covered in white linens that put you in a relaxing state of mind while feeling as if floating when laying on them. Linens come in a direct contact with your skin, thus it’s essential that you choose quality ones that won’t cause you any allergies, are soft and ultimately complement well your bedroom. My personal favourite for sailing off to dreamland? White manchester linen sets. Here’s why.

Easy to accessorize
The first thing that comes to mind to many people when comparing packages of linens in a bold pattern and completely white ones, is that white linens don’t have a personality. But don’t be fooled by their simplicity – a white manchester linen set can be easily accessorized and given a unique, personal look with a few accents. Think a richly textured throw and faux fur to cap off either the head or the foot of the bed. A brand new fairytale-like look with just a few pieces.

An effortless look
I bet your bed does not look picture-perfect every single day. There are days when you barely have time to do your hair right, and making sure you’ve done your bed is the least of your concerns. That’s where the power of white linens steps in – they have a certain clean quality that makes them look nice even when they’re disheveled. Do not hesitate to casually drape the extra blanket on your bed and toss the pillows around – everything will still look sophisticated and stylish.


The perfect balance of both worlds
Since linens act as a huge style element in the bedroom as they cover the bed (the focal point of the bedroom), they do dictate the style of the room. Therefore, when one of the partners wants to create a more romantic look and the other one wants to make the bedroom more girly-like, the most balanced solution would be simple white sheets. They aren’t aggressively masculine like black or gray linens and don’t have any floral and girly patterns. The much needed win-win combo.

A dreamy design
No other linen has the same dose of serenity and a cloud-like quality that a white manchester linen has. Add to it a fantastic light fixture, dreamy drapes and neutral walls and you have created yourself a dreamy bedroom that will lure you in its layers of comfort, easily falling asleep while feeling as if on cloud nine. Sweet dreams are made of this.

Stephanie Tierney