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Today, you can get a painting for an affordable price with the help of quality art poster prints.
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Bring Art Into Your Home: Decorate Your Walls With Art Posters

Art poster prints

Bring Art Into Your Home: Decorate Your Walls With Art Posters

Art has the power to transform the atmosphere of the space by bringing in positive energy, focus, style, colour and shape. In these modern times, surrounded by all that technology in our homes, it is nice to have something that can bring life into the space and tranquillity into our mind. As writer Junot Diaz once said: “The whole culture is telling you to hurry, while the art tells you to take your time. Listen to the art”. So, it can be wonderful to take a break and enjoy the moment in front of a welcoming artwork hanging on the wall in your living room.

But even though many of us would love to have original artworks at home, knowing that they can cost a small fortune, thinking of an alternative is not a bad idea. Today, you can get the same effect of a painting but for an affordable price with the help of quality art poster prints.

Benefits of Choosing Art Posters

Art posters in home decor


In the past few years, posters have become a leading trend in interior design and if you haven’t noticed, they are used absolutely everywhere. Many people use art poster prints as an alternative to original art pieces in their restaurants, shops, offices and homes.

Art posters are versatile, which means, you can get them in a range of sizes, colours, shapes, designs and styles. You can reshape the artwork to be just as you want it to look. This means that, you can consider your space, the décor and taste before selecting the art poster that will suit the best. So you can have Mona Liza in a small print to fit your tight corner, or in a bold oversized to provide a focal point.

Print wall posters can be created using different printing methods and print materials. Artists use many different methods for reproducing their paintings or photographs in sizes and surfaces their costumers prefer. Today, one of the most popular method of printing is giclee printing that allows the artist to reproduce limited edition of prints without sacrificing the quality and colour. This includes giclee printing on natural white, matte, ultra smooth, acid-free art paper, that is preferred among artists and photographers as it allows greater detail and colour match.

Make Sure to Choose Acid-Free Paper Prints

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Art can be printed on a variety of surfaces, most commonly paper. The presence of acid in paper can cause the paper to turn yellow, discolour or disintegrate more quickly than it would naturally. It comes from lignin, which is a naturally occurring chemical compound in trees and other plants that holds wood fibres together. While lignin itself is not an acid, it gives off acid as it deteriorates over time. So this means, if you have a poster that isn’t lignin-free, the paper will become acidic as the lignin deteriorates.

Anyway, some wood pulp papers are manufactured to eliminate most of the lignin in order to neutralise the acid that can cause damage. That is why it’s recommended to look for posters on acid-free paper as to prevent premature damage and deterioration. Acid-free posters perfectly replicate the colours of the original piece of art and because of their great quality, colours won’t run or fade over time, which can be the case with other painted art.

Some prints are further protected with a coating of premium acrylic. This coating prevents UV and water damage, so you don’t have to worry about hanging the poster at a sunny spot or someone spilling something on it.

How to Decorate Your Space Using Posters

Art prints in contemporary decor style


When people purchase artwork for their home, they often make a mistake and underestimate the size of the art poster that is needed to make an impact on the wall. If you are purchasing a new poster for a blank wall it is advisable to get the next size up. No matter how big the poster seems after measuring your space up close, it is never too big. People admire artwork from several steps away and if you buy a small poster they would need to walk up to your wall so they can see the art. That is why is better to put bigger poster and believe me, it will look better.

Furthermore, if you want to pull the look of the room together, make a note of the colour palette that you want to dominate in the poster. If you’ve found a poster that you like but isn’t in the colours that dominate your room, choose 2-3 colours from the poster and then get some small accessories like throws and cushions in those colours, to add style and build a more cohesive look.

If you already have furniture in neutral colours like brown, grey or ivory tones (like most people do), it’s a great starting point because you’re free to add posters in any colour you want. Don’t be afraid to give your room more personality by mixing different textures or patterns on your walls.

Anyway, finding the complementary colours may be easier than nailing down the style of your space and what print can best represent it. That is why, apart of choosing decorative items that match your colour palette, you should try fit your artworks into the overall theme whether that would be rustic, modern, cosy or contemporary style.

Stephanie Tierney