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Building an Alfresco Kitchen: The Good and the Bad

alfresco outdoor kitchen for sale good or bad investment

Building an Alfresco Kitchen: The Good and the Bad

One of the perks of having a yard is being able to increase the size of your home to the outdoors. If you like the idea of having an entertainment area, where you can spend quality time with your family or your friends, one possibility is building an outdoor alfresco kitchen. And if you are someone who loves spending time sharing a meal along with some fun after-dinner table talk, and especially if you are someone who loves cooking, the benefits of building an outdoor kitchen are endless.

Is Building an Alfresco Kitchen Worth It?

outdoor alfresco kitchen design

If you are thinking about creating an outdoor kitchen, you probably know that it isn’t the cheapest investment and it will take some time and a lot of choosing and effort. However, the decision to look for an alfresco kitchen for sale can change your life, so spending that money and time to build it will be well worth it. They have a host of benefits for your house, your health, and the quality of your life.

The Value of Your Home

Any improvement in your home area can be worth the trouble, and when it comes to creating a nice outdoor living area, not only it may bring you more ways to have fun with your family and friends, but also because it will increase the value of your property, should you decide to sell it or rent it one day. This is one of the reasons why cooking and entertainment outdoor areas are becoming more and more popular, both amongst homeowners and home buyers.

So, while the biggest disadvantage of building an outdoor kitchen is undoubtedly the price and the time it will take, the advantages far surpass it. And with all of them and the fact that having an outdoor living area increases the resale value of your house, it’s safe to say that this investment will pay off.

The Value of Your Home Life

However, the biggest value you’d get from building an alfresco outdoor kitchen would certainly be in the quality of your home life. This last year with the pandemic a lot of us have realised how little time we’ve truly been spending with our families, contrary to our beliefs. Today, most people have lifestyles that don’t allow them to spend a lot of time at home, and even if they do it’s hard to spend it productively with our families. Expanding your living area may be just the thing you need to organise family gatherings, to cook and share meals together.

If you love cooking, and you are lucky enough to have enough space in your outdoor area, finding an alfresco kitchen for sale surely sounds attractive. Cooking enthusiasts often find that their kitchen just isn’t big enough for some things. Because of this, outdoor kitchens can add quality to your food as well. For instance, while you would never be able to cook over an open fire inside, because it’s dangerous, in an alfresco you might. And in the summer, cooking inside can be exhausting and it can make the house feel like hell. An outdoor area will offer you a way to increase your cooking area, as well as stay fresh and spend time with your loved ones in the open.

Furthermore, having a whole kitchen outside, with all its elements: fridge, a sink, an oven, cabinets etc. instead of simply a barbecue that you can get out of the garage, is much more convenient. Not only it can be protected from the sun and the rain, but it will also save you the trips to your indoor kitchen every time you need something, or after you are done cooking and eating.

The Value of Your Health

outdoor barbeque bbqs

The biggest advantage when it comes to the fact that this kitchen will be outside is exactly that: the outside. Spending time outdoors brings many health benefits, and this a cooking and eating area in your garden will allow you to do it, and enjoy every moment.

Breathing the fresh air has been proven to improve our mental health by reducing our stress levels, which makes it quite a simple and yet effective way to protect ourselves against anxiety and depression. Furthermore, it has been shown that people who start spending more time outside have improved memory and focus. This in turn will make you more productive, creative, energetic etc.

When you pair all of that with eating delicious food, and the happy hormones your body releases, you can see how investing in an outdoor alfresco kitchen is an investment in your family’s and your own wellbeing.

The Value of Your Comfort

outdoor alfresco kitchen furniture

Outdoor alfresco kitchens are usually designed to allow for easy access. You can combine them with a nice sitting area with well-chosen quality furniture, a spa pool, a small garden, etc. and make your home even more comfortable and relaxing.

Because it is an actual kitchen, as above-mentioned, you wouldn’t have to go inside every time you need an extra plate, which will not only make everything far less messy, and it will also make it much easier to serve your guests, or let them help themselves.

Ian Tompson