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Certificate Iii Aged Care: a Rewarding Career Choice

certificate III aged care

Certificate Iii Aged Care: a Rewarding Career Choice

Just like working with kids is demanding but very fulfilling, so is working with the elderly. It is demanding of patience and skills and very rewarding because of all the beautiful stories, pieces of wisdom and words you’re eventually going to hear (among other things, that is). Working with such a sensitive group of people like the old ones requires a lot of knowledge and skills – you need to be able to respond to all their needs, take good care of their mental and physical health and cope with unpleasant situations, because not all people age gracefully.

That being said, taking a course in aged care and gaining a certificate III aged care will make your pursue of a job in the field a lot easier. Not just because you’ll be qualified on paper, but because you will really be prepared to answer to the call. You’ll learn how to provide individual support, how to teach independence and well being, how to work ethically and legally, and even some medical practices for recognising a healthy body and organism and the opposite.

You’ll ask, “why would anyone want to work with the old?” Because if children are our future, the elderly are our source of wisdom on how should we prepare the future generations for success in life. Also they’re the perfect example of how to work on ourselves so we don’t repeat mistakes. Plus, seeing the face of gratitude on old people is just melting.

Beyond caring

Although your primary task would be taking care of old people’s health and attending to their needs, the job offers a lot of variety as well. Most of these people will want to confide in someone, to talk and discuss certain topics and most of the time they’ll rely on you. Having someone to talk to when your kids, friends and relatives aren’t around is gold, especially for the elderly. Plus, hearing the words of wisdom from someone who has been through it all can really be beneficial for you as well.

Your contributions

This profession offers you the chance to feel like a real contributor. Not just that you’ll take good care of people, but you will also keep track of their health. That will make your say in the doctor’s diagnosis very important, because you’ll be by their side most of the time and will know them best. You will know what they’re sensitive to, how often do they experience certain medical problems and generally how strong, capable and healthy they feel.

Exercising your health care skills

Before you start working as a professional in aged care, you’ll be required to have knowledge in some important medical terms and skills so that you are able to provide the support some of your patients would need. You should practice those skills daily which will be highly beneficial for your professional skills portfolio, along with your certificate III aged care.

Finally, the feeling of helping and caring is extremely fulfilling

Old people are somehow cute. Not baby-cute, but the type of cute that makes you become sentimental every time you’re around them. Plus, they provoke the feeling of respect for their age, knowledge and experience. And being able to take care of those people truly is a fulfilling job. You’ll be making their everyday lives better and easier, bringing them joy and laughter and reminding them of the happy days of their youth.



Stephanie Tierney