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Coffee Mugs: Your Daily Brew Deserves the Best

Coffee Mugs

Coffee Mugs: Your Daily Brew Deserves the Best

Most people start their day with coffee and some of them are even unable to function properly until they’ve had their morning coffee. One of life’s little luxuries is drinking coffee from your own favourite mug. You might not have one in your kitchen yet, but if you want one that will reflect something about you, here are some features to look for when purchasing your next favourite mug.

There are a lot of mug choices to pick from in an online coffee mugs store, so don’t limit yourself and don’t settle for one that you kind of like but not really. Try to choose a mug with the perfect size and the precise shape and material you want it to be made from.


When it comes to the material, there are lots of different materials that mugs can be made from nowadays, including glass, plastics, porcelain and even stainless steel. The conventional porcelain cups retain heat very well but are easily breakable if they fall. They usually don’t come with a lid, so they are generally only used in an office or at home.

Hybrid mugs are most often made from plastics, with stainless steel being used as an outer shell. These are usually used as traveling cups to take your coffee to work. When thinking about purchasing one of these, you need to make sure it has a string watertight lid as well as that it has a strong construction.

When it comes to size, the basic mug size that fits for a single serving is considered to be around 300 ml. However, this can range up to about 600 ml or even more for larger mugs that you intend to bring on a trip. A good mug should fit your hands perfectly, with the handle being big enough and comfortable for all of your fingers to get through it, and with an appropriate place for your thumb to sit. It should be thick and solid enough so you don’t burn your hands, but yet, feel the warmth of the coffee on it.

The shape can vary, the traditional one being the simple porcelain mug. The stainless steel protected shapes that are used when traveling can be a bit more unconventional. To sum up, the best way to decide which one from the vast variety of online coffee mugs to choose is to experiment and try multiple shapes until you decide which one fits you best.

Ian Tompson