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You can choose glitterspray for both hair and body to help your young girl stand out more during her performance as a glitter bun might be exactly what she needs.
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Dance Hair Accessories: Achieve a Polished Performance Look

Hairstyle with glitters

Dance Hair Accessories: Achieve a Polished Performance Look

Wearing the appropriate clothing and accessories when taking dance classes is important to help your child learn to their best capacity. However, when it comes to competitions, they will need various other items. All those months of practising will finally pay off and your little one can show off all their moves to a larger audience than just your family and friends.

Now that they’re finally done perfecting their choreography, it’s time to think about the other elements of their performance, including stage appearance. If your child is preparing for a ballet competition, you may want to make her shine like a star with a kids’ tutu dress, but there is another important element to stage appearance along with makeup and costume, and that’s hairstyle.

Hair is important to consider for a successful dance performance. It should always be put together well and kept in place to add more sophistication to the dancer’s look. To ensure your little dancer is prepared, make sure she has all the hair supplies she needs.

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Glitter Hair Sprays

Every dance parent should know how to make a decent bun for their kid’s hair, but if you want to achieve a more magical level, then you should opt for glitterspray and add some sparkle to your dancer’s hair. It’s very popular among young dancers these days, so you can notice how they sparkle and shine at competitions. While adult dancers care more about hair colours, the young ones can easily transform their look simply by using glitter hair spray.

Glitter has been around for ages and most often it was used for adding just a bit of fun to stressful competitions. But we all know being a dancer is being an artist, so it’s no surprise that glitter hair and body art is used for a full fairy tale character makeover as well. These days it’s considered one of the best hair accessories for young dancers, especially in ballet and jazz and tap routines.

Hair glitter has become the ultimate trend for the past few years and is a great solution if you’re looking for a way to dress up your ballet dancer’s hairstyle. You can choose glitterspray for both hair and body to help your young girl stand out more during her performance as a glitter bun might be exactly what she needs.

The first thing you need to do is pull her strands into a neat and tidy ballerina bun and let her decide if she prefers the outside or the inside of the bun to get a glitter makeover. Apply hair gel where she’d like the glitter to go and then sprinkle away. Together with bobby pins, the spray can help keep stubborn hairs away and add some sparkle at the same time.

Lastly, make sure you purchase your glitter spray from a specialised dance store. Unlike glitter you can get at a convenience store, dance stores sell glitter sprays that are suitable for use by dancers, safe to apply on the hair and body, easy to clean up after the performance and wash out of any fabric.

Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are some of the essential hair accessories and have been around for a long time. If your daughter has short hair, you can use them to hold it up to create a high bun. Also, they can help you hold a fringe or bangs or to pin a hair accessory in place as part of the performance look. Most commonly, they are available in black colour, but you can find bobby pins in other colours to match hair or hats.


You’ll need flexible hair bands to keep your little girl’s hair away from her face as she is performing. If her hair gets into her eyes, it can obscure vision and cause her to make a mistake or fall and get injured. Scrunchies have been and are still some of the most popular ones, used to create ponytails.

Whether you opt for a ponytail or a bun, the hair must be pulled back securely. That’s why it’s always a good idea to spray the roots with hair spray when you pull the hair away from the face. Then brush the hair to create a smooth and sleek look.


A good comb is crucial for a great hair look. It can help you find a good parting, which is not always an easy task, and keep it straight.

Hair Nets

Using a hair net can help you create the perfect bun quickly and easily and you’ll need less pin to secure a bun in your little dancer’s hair.


Sturdy pins hold onto the hair and are ideal for a bun. They are durable and reusable and come in different colours and sizes, so no more black pins coming out of a blonde bun or too long pins sticking out of an updo.


Needless to say, but a hairbrush is a must. A detangling hairbrush can be very helpful as little girls’ hair can get quite knotty at times. This type of brush is gentler on the hair and can help you get painlessly rid of the annoying knots.

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