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Describing the Two Basic Types of Chainsaws


Describing the Two Basic Types of Chainsaws

Let’s talk about the good old chainsaw – the inspiration of so many horror movies that became classics and the ones that lacked inspiration too. The original purpose of the this sharp tool as depicted in such movies isn’t much far from the truth. You see, the first chainsaw was invented in 1830 by Bernard Heine with the intent to be used for cutting bone. Just to be clear, the man was a surgeon and not a masked psychopath. But soon afterwards, the tree industry saw its potential and the chainsaw started to gain widespread popularity among regular people too.

Today, it’s rare to find a household in Australia that does not have one in its garage. Whether it’s regularly used as a tool for work around the garden, or only a few times a year for some DIY woodwork, people consider the chainsaw as an indispensable part of their toolkit. However, even if it might seem a straightforward task choosing one of the two options available, when you want to buy chainsaw, there are many factors to take into account. Let’s take a look at the two most popular types of chainsaws.

Gas-Powered Chainsaw

This type of chainsaw is popular for cutting through thick, solid materials like hardwood or even concrete and masonry. The gas-powered chainsaw is powered by a mighty two-stroke or two-cycle engine that requires a mixture of gasoline and oil in order to operate efficiently. The gasoline is used as a fuel while the oil lubricates all the internal engine pieces to prevent excessive deterioration and

potential damage. Just a few years back, the old large gas-powered chainsaws had a “fear-factor” to them because they were very heavy and needed a lot of muscle-power to be started. However, now you can buy chainsaw that’s much lighter with many convenient features such as anti-vibration handles and auto-tensioners that make it easier to use.

Electric Chainsaw

For regular work around the garden that requires only a decent amount of cutting power, your best bet is to use an electric chainsaw. Whether it’s trimming, pruning or light cutting around the yard, this type of chainsaw runs so quite as to not disturb your neighbours. It has no engine because it is powered by electricity. The lack of an engine also makes it lighter and easier to start. However, its scope of use is limited by how long its cord is and how far away the nearest power outlet lies. But with the addition of a portable generator, you can use this type of chainsaw all around the garden. We have mentioned that there are also battery powered chainsaws, however, these are not much popular due to the fact that they have a short run time before needing to have their battery changed.

Stephanie Tierney