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Egypt: The Inexhaustible Source of Inspiration

Egypt Travel Packages

Egypt: The Inexhaustible Source of Inspiration

We don’t know ourselves as much as we think we do unless we travel often. This is something you’ve often heard, and it’s true because when you’re out discovering new places, you discover yourself, you see what you’re made of, and if there’s a place that can help you with this mission it’s got to be Egypt. Egypt is the land of mysteries, it’s where present meets past undoubtedly as there are many remains of ancient history every step of the way.

Considering Egypt has been known to draw tourists for decades and decades (if not centuries), you’d find out there’s no shortage on Egypt travel packages to choose from. Whether it’s more extensive touring you’re after through the ancient sites, like Giza and its Pyramids, the royal burial chambers, the Sphinx, and the many temples of Luxor and Edfu, or you’re up for exploring the grandeur of the river Nile, cruise around the coast, and then hop off to Jordan, or Iran, you’d be able to find just the tour and itinerary to match your wishes.

The many Egypt travel packages won’t just give you an insight into the unforgettable stories of ancient Egypt, and its many famous pharaohs and dynasties (like the Ptolemaic), but it would feed your mind, soul, and stomach as well; the experience that awakens all the senses. You’d get to visit the grand Egyptian Museum of Cairo, witness the beautiful contrasting of fertile valleys near the Nile, then the harsh but mesmerising deserts, and of course marvel at the beauty of Alexander the Great’s impressive city, the glorious Alexandria, its eternal Library, and its Catacombs, Pompi Pillar, and Montazah Gardens.

You’d be able to fully embrace the centuries old culture thanks to hospitable locals as well, and try out their savoury dishes in the many restaurants that would charm you with spices as much as with looks. You can also marvel at the natural beauty of this land, get in touch with animals, spot wildlife, go for some sunbathing at the beaches, and then splurge (or try your luck at bargaining) on unique mementos, clothing, and spices at the vibrant shops of Khan al-Khalili, the one-of-a-kind bazaar. As you can see, Egypt has plenty to offer to satisfy the wishes of travellers of all sorts, and still make you want to come back for more.

It’s rightfully been the inspiration for many researches, and has sparked the imagination of many remarkable authors, like the queen of murder mystery, Agatha Christie. So, who knows, maybe you’d get inspired to write a book yourself when you set foot on this magical land. Don’t wait up!

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Stephanie Tierney