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The Most Essential Hand Tools for Every DIY Project

Hand Tools

The Most Essential Hand Tools for Every DIY Project

Regardless whether you’re a DIY enthusiast, have a hobby in woodworking or metalworking, a career in contracting or simply don’t like other men fixing your house problems for you, having the basic hand tools is a must. Anything worth doing is worth doing right, right? So why not have the right equipment to make the job easier and the experience more enjoyable? In this article, I’ll list the most essential hand tools every handyman should own. When shopping for hand tools online is your best option, as you can compare prices, read reviews on the items you’re about to purchase and you’ll get them delivered to your front door.

Measuring Tools – Because You Measure Twice and Cut Once

First things first – measuring tools. For starters, a measuring tape can be found useful in many situations. Generally, the hand tools online retailer stores offer come in several different lengths and are used by builders or craftsmen alike and most of them are marked in millimeters in order to help make precise cuts. Besides tapes, another useful measuring tools are levels. Levels come in a variety of styles, lengths and sizes, including those that use a laser beam. The most basic levels use a straight line and a liquid filled container with a bubble.

Hammers – When Something Needs a Good Pummeling

Secondly, a good hammer. Hammers come in different styles that are meant for different jobs. The most commonly used hammers include the standard nailing and the tack hammers. There are some specialized nailing hammers which incorporate a slot that holds a nail so you can set it with a single blow. Dead-blow hammers are popular among woodworkers as they don’t bounce when struck against wood.

Screwdrivers – Convenience and Versatility

Everyone needs at least one flat-headed and one Phillips screwdriver. Both these types come in a variety of sizes, making them extremely versatile. Besides flat-headed and Phillips head, there are hex and torx head screwdrivers for more specialized uses. Nowadays, however, there are screwdrivers with interchangeable attachments which make them more versatile than ever before.

Wrenches – For What You Can’t Lift

A wrench can be very useful around the house, as well as when working in the garage or in a workshop. There are adjustable models which can be adjusted by rotating a threaded adjuster. Wrenches are separated in two basic categories – open and closed end wrenches. Open-end wrenches are available in both metric and standard, and they’re open at both ends. The closed ones on the other hand, are closed at both ends.

Stephanie Tierney