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Fashion Trends: Tips for Styling Your Silver Jewelry

Silver Jewellery

Fashion Trends: Tips for Styling Your Silver Jewelry

As much as our personal fashion tastes differ, most of us can agree about one thing: silver jewellery is so universal and perfectly complements outfits for all possible occasions – from the casual walks at the park with your friends to glamorous red carpet events. But as much as silver jewellery goes well with everything, it won’t have the desired effect if you style it wrong. This is why we wrapped up a couple of tips on how to style your cute silver accents to make a great impact and look like the ultimate fashion diva.

Silver Jewellery


Decide According to the Occasion

There’re a couple of rules for styling silver fashion jewelry for different occasions. When it comes to the more casual occasions, wearing a nice silver necklace with a small cute pendant or discrete hoop earrings can be a great way to spice up even the most boring combo of jeans and a basic black tank top or turtleneck. Accessorizing casual outfits with such discrete silver pieces is also a great way to break the monotony of your classic workshirts and pencil skirts you usually wear in the office and make you look like a sophisticated business lady.

But know that these tricks don’t apply to the occasions where you need to look glamorous. Silver is already a minimalistic type of jewellery, and wearing such subtle pieces combined with your most exclusive gown will make you look pretty dull, sloppy and without any fashion sense. So make sure you skip the plain pieces and opt for richer designs such as the ones with diamonds or different gemstones- from the sexy ruby earrings to the extra-lavish necklaces adorned with emerald stones.

Choose the Right Outfit

Regardless of how much effort you put into choosing the right silver accessories for the occasion, know that they won’t have any effect if you don’t pay attention to the outfit you’re wearing. We learned very well that silver is already a minimalistic and subtle type of jewellery, so imagine wearing your cutest silver necklace with an aggressively animal-printed shirt. It doesn’t sound that stylish, right?

The key to pulling off silver jewlery is to create a contrast that will emphasize the beauty of the pieces and allow them to make a statement on their own. That’s why you don’t want to wear aggressive colours such as pastel yellows or blues and fluorescent pinks or oranges since they’ll only draw attention and put your new gorgeous necklace or earrings “in the dark”.

Some great colours to be combined with silver are the neutral ones – black and white, but that doesn’t mean that you should limit yourself to wearing only your colourless and dullest clothes. Colours such as indigo, emerald greens, burgundies and all the shades of brown look subtle enough to let the silver details on you make a statement and be the focal piece of your outfit.

The same concept of simplicity applies to the patterns and textures of your clothes. So avoid fierce pieces of outfit with very vivid animal or floral prints, as well as rough textures since they’ll make you look stuffed with a lot of details without letting your silver accessories having their well-deserved attention.

Silver Jewellery


Spice It Up with Some Gold

If the concept of combining silver with simple colours and outfits looks dull and monotone, don’t be afraid to add a little bit of additional spice and mix it up with gold. You don’t even have to worry that mixing silver and gold is a“fashion sin”, since the latest fashion trends are all about breaking the rules and experimenting with different textures and materials to the point you feel comfortable. If you decided to follow this ultra-stylish fashion trend, know that it’s always important to combine your accessories with forethought so they work great together.

So, if you’re wearing a basic shirt with a pair of simple silver earrings, you can layer a couple of mixed gold bracelets to give your dull combo some warmth. Also, silver jewellery featuring pendants make a great base for including a gold detail in your look. For instance, you can always combine your silver earrings with quartz rose stones with a nice rose-gold discrete necklace or a nice silver bracelet with a gold ring with a subtle opal or moonstone on it.

There’s an endless horizon on opportunities if you’re brave enough to mix these two precious metals. Once you learn how to create a bond and blend those accessories with your overall look, you can rest assured that you look like the ultimate fashion diva in your city.

Pair It With Your Make-Up

The right make-up has a great power to complement and give the final touch to your silver pieces of jewelry, and that’s why you should always opt to make them work as a whole. So, for a more relaxed look that doesn’t allow wearing too aggressive accessories, make sure you emphasize your plain silver pieces by adding a little bit of glittery eye shadow or highlighter to your eyes. You can also top up this look with glossy nude lipstick, to give your silver adornments some more sparkle.

But if you want to make a dramatic statement with silver, using your make-up to add some contrast is a great idea. Simply apply a red or another hot lipstick colour which will draw attention to your face and therefore make that silver “shine”.

If you’re wearing stones, know that they’re already attention stealers, so make sure you adjust your make-up to emphasize their beauty even more. Apply your red-statement lipstick to accompany your ruby, sapphire or emerald-stone silver necklace, earrings, and even rings. Lilac shades are also a great idea since they work perfectly with the “plainness” silver and will also top up the amethyst, rose quartz, moonstone and even pearl pendants.

Silver Jewellery


Tips for Styling Different Types of Silver Jewelry


When incorporating a pair of silver earrings into your look, make sure you always style your hair accordingly. For instance, wearing stud earrings has never gone out of fashion, but wrapping your hair in a romantic hair bun or a lovely low ponytail will draw attention to them and emphasize their beauty even more. Such hairstyles are also great for dangle earrings if you want to achieve a more seductive look. A nice pair of decorative dangle earrings can be also worn with many other simple hairstyles, such as a high ponytail, or simply tucking your freshly ironed hair behind your ears. As long as they don’t hide behind your hair, you can make sure that they’ll do their job.


The classic way of wearing a silver necklace to spice up your outfit has already started to fade in popularity. But this doesn’t mean that this is the end of the necklaces’ era since there’re a lot of ways to style them uniquely. For example, layering several silver necklaces is a new trend that breaks some of the monotony and adds a stylish touch, as long as you do it right.

This concept is about wearing a couple of simple, thin necklaces with different lengths at once, going along to your neckline. But since you’re wearing a couple of necklaces, make sure you don’t overdo but keep it simple instead. Even though silver is neutral and looks simple and minimal, avoid complex designs, gemstones and aggressively shaped pendants. This concept can also apply to rings and bracelets.

Silver Jewellery



Silver bracelets work great with shirts that have shorter, or unusual forms of sleeves since their “sparkle” will draw attention to your arms and emphasize your unique-sleeved shirt. But in this case, make sure you skip bags with gold hardware and attention-grabbing colours since they will ruin your entire look.

What we mentioned too was that the layering concept also works great for silver bracelets. But have in mind that this only applies to mixing only different bracelets, so don’t be afraid to “sneak in” a couple of simple gold bracelets among your silver ones. But if you’re layering bracelets, make sure you skip other details that will steal the spotlight such as earrings or necklaces with complex pendants or too statement-making rings with big gemstones.

Stephanie Tierney