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Flashlights Forget Phone Apps – the Real Thing Excels in Power and Efficiency

Flashlights Forget Phone Apps – the Real Thing Excels in Power and Efficiency

While flashlight apps can be super convenient in some particular cases, they aren’t sufficient enough for many applications. Your phone’s flashlight might prove itself worthy when you’re wandering in the dark trying to find the light switch, but it’s far from convenient when it comes to efficiency and power. However, there are dedicated LED flashlights that excel in terms of longevity, size and brightness, making them the perfect companion when it comes to exploring the darkest corners of your basement.

While they can be relatively expensive, most LED torches have a shelf life of over 25,000 hours which is far more than their conventional counterparts. Furthermore, they produce less pollution and use merely 85% of the power. LED flashlights aren’t the most attractive flashlights out there, but they give you the most bang for the buck in the long run.

When it comes to quality, there are many manufacturers who produce high quality torch lights. The Cree LED torch for example, is one of the most popular ones in Australia, even though it’s produced in America. The Creeled torch technology offers superior flashlight lighting and is extremely bright while using a fraction of the amperage, which makes it a top choice for law enforcement professionals and civilians likewise.

If you’re buying a Cree LED torch, you should look for one whose body is made from aluminium for durability and strength. Moreover, pick one with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries as a power source. They provide the most power and therefore, most brightness. The rechargeable batteries will be more expensive to purchase initially, but over time that investment will pay itself out. Besides batteries, invest in a quality charger. You don’t want to ruin your expensive batteries by buying a cheap charger.

I personally want my flashlights to have some great features. Being able to switch between multiple functions always comes in handy. A bright mode that will be able to illuminate in full effect, a lower power mode so it doesn’t disturb your night vision, a strobe mode to disorient a hostile person or a suspect, and last but not least, a SOS mode for emergencies.

You don’t have to look for a flashlight with all of the aforementioned features. Figure out which ones you will need and look for them. Besides power varieties, you should consider colour varieties as well. You might want your flashlight to be able to emit a green colour when hunting, so it doesn’t disturb the pray as much as pure light.

All in all, when buying a LED torch, consider buying from a quality LED manufacturer like Cree. They are popular for a good reason and investing in a quality torch light will turn out cheaper than investing in a bad quality one that you’ll need to frequently replace.

Ian Tompson