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Garden Sheds: Possibly the Best Bike Storage Solution

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Garden Sheds: Possibly the Best Bike Storage Solution

After my mates convinced me that I should join them for a road cycling adventure, I began looking for the right entry-level bike to get me in the cycling game. With a little bit of research regarding the different types of road cycling bikes and some advice from my friends, I’ve managed to find one that works for me. If you’re in a similar situation, here are some things you should pay attention to.

What Makes a Good Road Bike

A good entry-level road bike is one that is sturdy, sleek and affordable (around $500). Although $500 may look like a lot of money for a road bike for beginners, if you ask some more experienced bikers, they’ll tell you that it might be too low of a price to buy anything with potential. Well, both ways of thinking can be wrong. For this price, you can find quality road cycling bikes that are very lightweight (around 10kg), fast, with nice lightweight alloy wheels, modern aluminum frame, and quick release skewers. Mine also comes with one year warranty.

What Size Road Bike Should I Get

This is another consideration that troubles many first-time road cyclist. The right size of your road bike mainly depends on your height and your leg length. Therefore you want to measure your height accurately and check for the manufacturer’s measurements too. Of course, you can always consult with a member of the staff, for advice. If you are ordering online, make sure that that the store offers quality customer service.

Since I own a road cycling bike, I’ve been on many road biking routes across the country. Occasionally I’ve also used it for casual weekend rides across the city, to meet up with my friends for a brunch and for commuting to work. However, there is one downside of owning a bike – it’s an awkward item to store, especially if you happen to be tight on space. I’ve tried a few things like a specially-designed colorful indoor bike cover to protect my home from outside dirt and make the bike look more like a part of my home’s design scheme. Still, no matter how much I tried to hide the fact that I have a full-sized road bike into my living room, it was still an eyesore. That is why I’ve decided to also invest in a garden shed where I can store my bike.

How to Store Bikes in a Small Shed

A small garden shed that you can dedicate solely to your bike is probably the best bike storage solution. These sturdy structures will help keep your bike securely locked and protect it from the weather elements like heat, moisture, and rust. Even small garden sheds of about 2.26m x 0.78m can comfortably fit your bicycle. If maybe later you decide to up your cycling game and invest in a second bike or maybe buy one for a family member that you live together with, again, you can use a shed with these dimensions. These are still considered small but provide enough room to store two bikes and make it convenient and easy for you to get the bikes in and out.

If your space allows it, of course, you can go for a shed in 3.00m x 1.52m x 2.08m that is still on the small side. You can use that extra space to keep some of the tools that you’ll need for cycle repair or your cycling equipment. Besides the bike, any cyclist should have additional things like a helmet, pump, spare tube and chain oil when embarking on a ride and you can store these in the same shed where you’ll keep your bike.

Where to Put a Shed in a Small Garden

One of the top priorities to consider when placing a shed into your garden is the accessibility. You should be able to quickly, comfortably and safely access your bike. On that note, you want to position the door of the shed next to a path, if there’s any. If you are planning to use the bike frequently and there is no path, you might want to layer one in order to protect the lawn from wear.

What Is High Tensile Steel

When it comes to buying garden bike sheds, you are likely to come across many materials like wood, plastic, or metal, all of which have their benefits and flaws. Wooden sheds are durable and great if you are looking for a typical garden shed for your small yard. However, they require a little more maintenance because wood needs to be painted. Plastic ones are easy to move, but they are not sturdy enough like the other options. Metal made sheds, on the other hand, are durable and can withstand all kinds of weather, they easy to assemble (just follow the instructions) and very easy to maintain. High tensile steel, for instance, is a superior material that’s used as a building material in so many fields: construction, aircraft, the automotive and engineering industry. It’s known for its resistance to atmospheric corrosion, durability and exceptional strength and it’s probably one of the best options when it comes to garden sheds building material.

What Is a Skillion Roof

Apart from the different materials you can choose from, there are also different types of rooftop designs. When it comes to small garden sheds, a skillion roof is the name of the game. It’s a flat roof that’s angled in one direction. Because it’s a single panel, you can easily adjust the pitch and height as needed. Also, it would be easier to assemble and attach the roof to a wall, because as already mentioned, it uses a single panel. It’s also the best candidate for skylights and solar panel installation.

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