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Growing a Healthy Lawn: How to Choose the Right Lawn Mower

Lawn Mower

Growing a Healthy Lawn: How to Choose the Right Lawn Mower

When scanning the vast amount of lawn mowers for sale, most homeowners usually base their search on a few factors like price, brand and additional features. Although these are all important things to consider, they should not be the deciding points. In fact, the size, shape and topography of your lawn is what should ultimately influence your decision. Do you own a postage size lot, or perhaps a few acres of a yard? Is your property uphill, downhill or straight? Here are some of the mowers you should consider.

Manual Reel Mower for Small and Flat Lawns

This is the most old fashioned type of lawn mower. Since it’s not powered by gas or electricity, it requires serious manpower to spin its blades as you push it along and might fail to cut some stubborn weeds. But the nice thing about it is that it has no engine and therefore emits no polluting fumes nor loud noise that disturbs the neighbourhood. With no running parts this is a dependable and cheap tool and a good choice for very small and flat lawns.

Electric Mower for Small but High-Maintenance Lawns

If you own a charming little yard with an uneven surface and a susceptibility to weeds, you will find that a reel mower is not fit to do the job. In that case, you need to consider more powerful options of lawn mowers for sale. Corded electric mowers are a serious upgrade to the traditional mower and can decrease the time and effort involved in looking after a small but high-maintenance lawn. These models are quiet and environmentally friendly since they need no gas or oil to run. However, their cords present an obvious obstacle because they restrict your range to the length of their extension cord. Luckily, there are also plenty of cordless models – no pesky cord in the way. However, their run time is limited by battery capacity which means that you can mow only a small area on one charge.

Gas Mower for Medium to Large Lawns

Medium and larger sized yards up to ½ acres need maximum mowing power which only a mower with a gas engine can provide. Not only is a gas mower faster and more efficient in cutting grass, but it’s also not restricted by a battery charge or power cord. In the past, these mowers used a pull cord which can be hard to start, but today many feature an electric starter which makes starting the mower easier. Of course, all that power comes with a higher price tag, but if you have a larger lawn and do not want to spend all day mowing it, there’s no better mower than a gas-powered one.

Stephanie Tierney