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How to Improve your Motorcycle Riding Experience


How to Improve your Motorcycle Riding Experience

Motorcycles are incredibly thrilling and exciting to use. They’ve steadily remained popular over the last century, and it’s so easy to see why. However, one thing really needs to be said, which is that motorcycles can be kind of difficult to steer and handle sometimes. Far from impossible, of course, but every motorcycle rider should look for ways to improve the riding experience. There are quite a few things you should look into improving on any motorcycle, such as improving its exhaust system, but improving your overall riding experience should be the priority.

Tweak Your Controls


One of the very first things you should do when you start improving your riding experience is tweaking your motorcycle controls. The whole point of this is to be able to ride as comfortably as possible, otherwise, you might even be able to ride for longer periods. That’s because the stock controls aren’t ideal for everyone, even if they might potentially suit a lot of people. Handling your motorbike properly is the most important thing when it comes to both safety and comfort. Adjusting your motorcycle controls with either new parts, or merely tweaking what you have is a must, otherwise, you risk either your comfort, your physical health, or even potentially an accident.

Fine-tune Throttle Cable


When you’re driving around the city through traffic and around corners, one of the most important things is to be able to throttle exactly as much as you want. You never want to move quicker or slower than it’s ideal for the situation because that might be a safety hazard either for you or some other bystander. That’s why you should adjust the throttle cable’s slack as close to ideal as possible. That means you’ll avoid situations where you’ll have to throttle hard just to move a few metres on a parking lot or the reverse situation when you need to finely control the throttle and it’s not responding properly. If you’re uncertain about how to adjust the cable, don’t forget that you can always consult with professionals.

Check Your Tyres


It’s understandable that people are annoyed when someone mentions inflating the tyres. It’s something that we’ve been taught from day one when handling any and all vehicles, so it should be something that’s already ingrained in us. However, a lot of people seem to forget that inflating the tyres is also all about inflating them to the correct atmospheric pressure just as it’s about not letting the tyres flat. Make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions on just how much to inflate the tyres, otherwise, you risk the tyres wearing out significantly sooner.

Change the Oil and Filter


One thing that usually gets side-tracked is the changing of the oil and filter. That’s because a lot of people don’t really realize that the type of oil can make a world of difference. It’s the same with a filter, meaning getting a high-quality one is always a much better choice. Try not to use some kind of generic motor oil because you should always try to use motorcycle-specific oil. That type of oil is typically synthetic, or sometimes semi-synthetic. Those types don’t contain low-friction additives that tend to cause issues in motorcycle clutches. As soon as start using better oils you’ll immediately feel a difference.

Install High-Wattage Bulbs


Lighting is an enormously important part of motorcycle riding and most people aren’t aware of how much they add to the whole experience until they start using better bulbs. It’s not merely a stylistic choice about having more powerful lights, but also having clear visibility at all times. High-wattage bulbs are amazing in this regard and you should always consider using them whenever you’re riding a bike. Installing a headlight modulator should be pretty high on the list, as well. Those allow you to change the intensity of the headlights so as to catch the attention of other drivers. It’s a great way to even further ensure your own safety when driving.

Install a Better Seat


Seats are arguably the biggest factor when it comes to motorcycle comfort. Better ones will literally always improve your entire motorcycle experience and you’ll immediately understand as soon as you get a better one. The good news is that there are tons of motorcycle seats to choose from different manufacturers. Pretty much all bikes on the market are being catered to in this regard, so all you need to do is try a couple of seats before committing to one. You definitely won’t regret it because you’ll not only feel more comfortable but you’ll also be able to ride for longer without feeling any ache in your body.

Set Your Suspension


Suspension sag is something that a lot of people aren’t even aware of. When your motorcycle’s front and rear suspension systems are in proper balance, you’ll immediately feel a boost to its handling. That’s because when you’re balancing the suspension you’re also adjusting the motorbike’s sag to your personal preference. That way you’re also figuring out whether or not any part of the suspension system needs replacing, which is something you should do immediately if you notice that some of the parts are out of whack. Otherwise, your motorcycle might be damaged by even the slightest bump, and you definitely want to avoid that.

Ian Tompson