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How To Prepare Your Dog For The Cold Winter Months

How To Prepare Your Dog For The Cold Winter Months

If you are a dog owner, your home is probably full of dog supplies. And you’re probably spending a lot of time and money on your doggy, on its health, the right toys, quality leads, cute collars, bedding… So, is it really necessary to also invest in winter clothing? The short answer is yes, since dog boots and coats perform a necessary function. And, let’s face it, dressed up doggos are simply adorable. However, there are many things to consider before jumping to buy the first cute dog outfit you see.

All Dogs can Benefit from Winter Clothing

One of the crucial things to consider when you are deciding whether to buy walking boots or a coat for your dog, is their breed. All dogs are suited to withstand different weather conditions to some extent, and this includes winter. Their paws have pads that should protect them from the cold, and their bodies have fur to keep them warm as well.

However, there are breeds that cope better with cold weather then others. Breeds like Hasky, Samoyed, Saint Bernard, Newfoundland, Chow Chow, Alaskan Malamute, American Eskimo, Goldendoodle etc., love the cold. However, though some dogs are better-suited for the winter months, it doesn’t mean that they can’t benefit from winter clothing.

When it comes to breeds that aren’t as well-suited for the cold and, even more so when it comes to very small dog breeds and puppies, having clothing that well help you to keep them warm when they are outdoors, is prudent ­– not only for their comfort, but also for their health. In essence, if you live in a climate where temperatures can drop below zero, or where there is ice and snow, you should definitely think about buying a pair of boots and a coat for your furry friend.

dog outside in the snow with winter boots and coat


Dog Boots

Like with human shoes, the purpose of dog shoes is to keep their feet dry, with an insulating layer around them, in order to protect them from the elements. When you are buying products for your dog, your two main priorities should always be their health and their comfort, and good dog walking boots can ensure both – protection from the cold, and comfortable running in the snow.

However, warmth isn’t the only reason why boots are necessary for dogs. In wintertime people put different chemicals and salt on their sidewalks to melt down the snow and the ice. Protective dog boots will protect your dog against these harmful chemicals that can damage dog’s foot pads, causing irritation.

Furthermore, dog boots will make your life easier as well. If you are tired of wiping your doggy’s paws every time you come home from your walk, boots are a great solution. Apart from keeping your four-legged pal cosy, dry and warm, they will keep the mud, the dirt and the snow away from your dog’s paws.

There are different types of dog shoes for winter. For breeds that can love cold weather, for instance, you don’t need to buy dog boots with extra insulation. However, though their bodies are covered in warm fur, their paws are still exposed, which means they can also benefit from some kind of foot covering. Find thinner waterproof dog shoes or waterproof dog socks that can provide your dog with more comfort.

Of course, your dog may not be very happy to walk with boots, especially if they are not a puppy, walking in the cold for the first time, and even then, it may be difficult to develop this habit. There are many different materials and styles, so you’ll have to find which work best for your dog.

Anyway, you should also know that if your pooch is going for a short walk, it’s your choice whether you put their shoes on, since your dog, regardless of their size or their breed, can certainly stand a little bit of cold.

dog with boots and blue coat


Dog Coats

When it comes to dog coats, the things get a little bit more relaxed. The decision again depends on the same things – your dog’s breed and their size. However, unlike with boots, for bigger dogs, especially if their breed is a winter loving one, coats really aren’t necessary. Again, this doesn’t mean that they couldn’t benefit from some kind of coats. For instance, even if your dog has a lot of fur, and they don’t need a winter coat, they could benefit from a windbreaker or a waterproof dog coat.

Nevertheless, when it comes to small dogs and puppies, or breeds with shorter fur that come from warmer climate – when they spend more time outdoors during the cold weather, they definitely need some kind of winter clothing, whether it’s a coat or a sweater. These dogs can’t retain body heat as well as winter loving breeds. However, most dogs don’t need clothing on weather above 7 degrees.

When it comes to coats, whether you put them on your dog or not, depends also on the length of the time they’re going to spend outdoors. If you are just letting it outside for a short time, then there is definitely no need for a coat. One very important thing to remember when it comes to coats though is to only be put on dogs outside (if needed). So, never let your dog stay inside with their clothes on because this may overheat it easily.

Stephanie Tierney