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Little Girls’ T-Shirts: How to Use Them as the Perfect Base for Stylish Outfits

Little Girls’ T-Shirts: How to Use Them as the Perfect Base for Stylish Outfits

Your little girl probably doesn’t know much about style (at least not yet), but it’s never too early to start teaching her about the importance of looking good. Fashion can be a fun way to express one’s individuality – this is true for both kids and adults. In light of that, why not help her give a hint of what’s she like and what her interests are… Plus, I’m pretty sure that if you are a stylish woman yourself, you already enjoy picking outfits for her and dressing her up in something adorable. Whatever the case, we can surely say that one of the biggest perks of being a mum to a girl is that before she develops a sense of style on her own, you get to choose some fun outfits for her. After all, let’s face it, you won’t be able to do that for a long time.

Another thing I believe we all agree on is that t shirts are everyone’s wardrobe staple, including little girls. And today, more than ever, there is a variety of girl t shirts to choose from that can inspire you to create a number of stylish combinations.

If your little one has gotten too used to or feels a bit tired of everything girly, frilly and sparkly, you can check with her and go for girl t shirts that are a bit more simple next time you shop together. You can pair colorful patterned t shirts with solid color pants or black leggings for a comfy and stretchy daily outfit. Mixing and matching patterns would be fun, but you might want to keep it simple and play with patterns in the same color. The easiest way for your girl to look playful, but still cohesive while wearing bottoms and tops in different prints is to ensure that the two patterns have at least one color in common.

If she’s a particularly brave individual, then maybe she would like to wear tops with strong colors, exciting shapes, and edgy sayings all of which can help your little girl stand from the crowd. Something like a leotard with the iconic Ziggy Stardust symbol paired with denim jeans and her favorite Doc Martens, won’t leave your little girl unnoticed.

Or maybe she is into the ballerina trend, pretty much like the rest of us, and likes to dance on her toes and wear things that grown-up ballerinas do. If that’s the case, you can choose a simple, solid black or white t shirt or maybe a bodysuit, pair it with a ballet tutu skirt in tulle and tie her hair up in a bun so that she can feel like a real ballerina. Also, I know that it may be a cheesy and slightly cliche but as a mum your heart probably melts every time you see a mother and a child in matching outfits, so maybe you can coordinate your outfit with hers. You will both look stylish and cute.

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Next, nothing completes an outfit quite like the perfect hair accessory so you might want to check out what stores have to offer and buy a few headbands featuring beautiful flower accessories or a classic knot. They are perfect for winter and summer, plus can make any basic, plain outfit look cute.

When the weather changes during transitional months, pulling an outfit for a little girl can be a bit tricky. However, dressing in layers can ensure that she is warm enough, but won’t sweat. Girls t shirts are perfect to wear for transitional weather as they can easily be layered. For instance, simpler girl t shirts (short or long- sleeve ones, depending on the weather) can be worn under a cardigan, vest and buttoned-down shirt or even over a dress – the options are many.

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Also when you choose girl t shirts you want to make sure that your girl can comfortably play in them. Ones that are made from cotton and a bit of elastane would work perfectly for achieving everyday comfort. Cotton made clothes are pieces that your little girl can play in all day, every day, as it’s a natural, soft material and it has the ability to wick the moisture away from the skin, while the elastane provides stretch for even more comfort.

On a final note, it is always smart to buy the best quality kids’ clothes you can afford. If you purchase a few quality t shirts, they will withstand washing better than the cheap stuff and we know that active little girls’ clothes need to be washed frequently (children generally get their clothes dirty way more often than adults do). Plus, quality shirts can stand the test of time better than the cheap stuff so they can be passed down to younger siblings, relatives, friends’ kids or donated to charity.

Stephanie Tierney