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Little Rock Star: Why Is Guitar Playing Good for Your Child?

Little Rock Star

Little Rock Star: Why Is Guitar Playing Good for Your Child?

Music is one of the most intriguing things in this world. It has always played a part in rites, rituals, celebrations, and nowadays, it’s everywhere around us. In a way, it seems, music is embedded in us. We sing out of joy, love, happiness. And, as kids, we even learn how to move to music before we learn how to walk.

There are many studies on how our brains react to listening to music, singing, or playing instruments, and they all point out to the fact that music really is good for us. Not only is it capable to change our mood, to calm us down and relax us, but as parents, it’s something we instinctively start using since the birth of our children to soothe them, to interact with them, to play with them. It is a remedy without any possible side effects.

Child Learn Music


Why Should Your Child Learn Music?

Scientists keep proving that learning how to play on an instrument is very useful for us, and even more so for children, because it affects their development in a very positive way. Similarly to being active outside, or playing educational games, playing instruments improves children’s mathematical, language, motor skills, concentration, memory, self-confidence, self-expressing. Plus, it promotes intellectual, social and emotional literacy, it teaches patience, responsibility and many other skills.

“There is music in every child. The teacher’s job is to find it and nurture it.” — Frances Clark (1905-1998, American pianist and pedagogue)

Get your little one a cool guitar and useful guitar accessories for kids, and make it easier for yourself to reduce their screen time and for them to reap a plethora of benefits. Music seems to be embedded in us from birth, and there are many firm believers that all people are musical by nature, suggesting that there aren’t children who aren’t musically gifted, and that musical literacy should be universal.

guitar accessories for kids


Why Guitars Are a Great First Instrument for Kids?

One of the most popular instruments in the world, the guitar, is one of those instruments kids often pretend-play. That’s because guitars not only sound great, and can play anything the child likes, but they are also super fun and look really cool. Learning to play the guitar is a great way to introduce your child to learning music, instruments, and playing.

Kids can easily learn the basics of playing the guitar, and even more so with guitar accessories for kids, like flashing cards, and some cool kids’ guitars. Furthermore, being easily transportable, your child can take their guitar anywhere, they can make friends playing, and most importantly, they can easily learn and enjoy all the benefits of creating and playing music.

Guitar Learning Starter Pack for Your Child


How to Create a Guitar Learning Starter Pack for Your Child?

A Guitar for Kids

Guitars seem too big for kids, but it’s important to know that there is a variety of sizes to choose from, suitable for children of different ages.

What’s more, there are innovative guitar enthusiasts that make it easier even for young kids to pick up guitar playing. Such is the Australian brand Loog, that has changed the guitar learning experience for kids. They offer guitars for all ages and even mini guitars that are specifically designed and are an easy and fun start for the cute little hands of 3 or 4-year-olds.

Besides offering guitars in different sizes and styles, this brand also offers an app with lessons, a tuner, songs, as well as beautiful kids guitar accessories. Furthermore, the best part about three-string guitars is that if your child wants to continue when they get older, picking up a six-string guitar won’t be hard for them, since everything they’ve learned on a three-string guitar can be applied on a standard six-string guitar as well.

Kid play Guitar



Besides their guitar, useful and pretty accessories, which make it simpler and more fun for kids to master the guitar, shouldn’t be left out of your little one’s guitar playing starter pack. Accessories will prevent your child from developing an aversion towards learning music and playing the guitar in particular.

Any learning aids, such as flashing cards, digital, visual and auditory learning aids, such as useful and funtutorials, will prevent the child from feeling frustrated. They will help them start playing simple songs very soon after they’ve picked up their cool new instrument. So, any accessory that you believe will encourage your child to keep playing and learning, is welcomed.

Furthermore, kids love pretty things, which is why guitar accessories for kids, like bags or stands, can make the whole guitar experience feel even cooler, allowing your child to enjoy all the cognitive, behavioural, social and health benefits of their new musical skill. From a guitar bag and a cute strap for the complete rock star look, to a cool guitar stand so that your kid can display their best and most favourite toy in their room, nice looking guitar accessories could be exactly what will give your child the incentive to stick with this hobby.

Stephanie Tierney