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The Lowdown on Standing Desks

Standing Desk

The Lowdown on Standing Desks

Walking burns 210 calories per hour, standing burns 88, while sitting not more than 80 calories per hour. And considering the fact that going for a walk is not an option when you are stuck in the office and have tons of things to take care of, you need a better solution. Here’s an idea – have you ever considered standing up and working that way? What am I talking about? Well, adjustable standing desks.

Adjustable height standing desks are perfect for small offices as you do not need extra space to use them. They can be attached to your regular desk and depending on the model – they can have an electronic, a manual or a gas lift adjustment mechanism. Most models are flat with a simple design, but there are also desks that come with multi-level surfaces that give you a lot more space to organize your gadgets. The standing desks you choose should be able to provide support for the equipment you place on them, so make sure to consider this factor as well when buying.

Standing desks can be made of several different materials. For example, if you want the look of a real wood but you do not want to pay the cost of it, then a wood veneer desk is your best choice. This desk comes with a thin layer of real wood on top that provides a richer look which will add a touch of luxury to your office, but generally, it is a bit trickier to maintain. Your other option is a laminate – a material that does not dent or scratch easily and it is super easy to maintain. Plus, laminate standing desks are very affordable and are the perfect choice for high traffic offices.

Furthermore, desks made of solid wood are the best choice there is – they are the highest quality kind you will come across, but that of course, comes at a higher price. Furthermore, metal desks are very durable and modern. They are made of steel and most of them come with a glass or wood top. Glass desks are becoming more and more popular these days thanks to their sophisticated decor and ease of maintenance.

Bottom line is, standing all day is not good for your health, nor is sitting. For that reason, adding height adjustable desks to your office is a great solution to this problem – you can easily alternate between using both of them whenever you please and improve your posture and overall health without even realizing it.

Stephanie Tierney