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What Makes Stainless Steel Water Bottles the Safest Choice

What Makes Stainless Steel Water Bottles the Safest Choice

Global warming has had a negative impact on our environment for a couple of years now and it seems like the upcoming summer will be the hottest one until now. One of the most important things to do while battling the heat is keeping yourself hydrated. But how you do stay hydrated without having to spend an absurd amount of money on bottled water? Easy, just find a nice bottle, fill it with tap water and take it with you wherever you go to stay hydrated at all times.

However, you can’t just fill a plastic bottle with tap water and expect the water to remain in a good quality state while being exposed to the sun the whole time. Plastic leaches, especially if you refill and use it multiple times. Moreover, you can’t put a plastic bottle in a dishwasher, which means you can hardly clean it thoroughly.

An alternative? Stainless steel. There are many types of stainless steel bottles that are appropriate for continuous usage that are completely safe for drinking water, even if left exposed to the sun for an entire afternoon. The Klean Kanteen stainless steel water bottle, for example, is a quality water bottle made of a durable material. Made from food grade stainless steel, this magnificent bottle can endure accidental abuse and keep your water protected from the weather elements.

The Klean Kanteen stainless steel water bottle is one of the best ones on the market, which is something that will catch you off guard just by looking at its price tag. Besides being great for everyday use, you can easily put it in a dishwasher to clean it thoroughly. Plus, you can heat it up so that all the unsafe ingredients (if any) vaporize out of the water if you find yourself in nature with nothing else to drink except for river water.

When choosing your Klean Kanteen bottle, all you have to worry about is the size of it. Stainless steel already adds a bit of weight to the bottle, so if you don’t intend to use it for long trips, you can consider cutting down on the capacity, since it might get too heavy for carrying it for extended periods of time as it will eventually tire your arms. The cap of the bottle can also be a deciding factor regarding which bottle to choose. Pick something that is convenient for you to use, and doesn’t leak. Losing all your drinkable water in the middle of nowhere can instantly ruin your day.

Ian Tompson